Postgraduate degree
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We are looking for AC candidates with strong analytic abilities and outstanding academic records. However, simply being eager, driven and smart will not earn you a spot on our team. Our team is made up of passionate people who are uncomfortable with the status quo, who are supportive of one another and who like to have a little fun while solving real-world problems.

Who should apply to be an AC? 

We encourage undergraduate students with no previous work experience and who are pursuing the final year of their degree at a top engineering college to apply for the AC position. Students at top Indian business schools may join as experienced ACs or senior associate consultants (SACs). Your position level will be assessed and adjusted, if needed, during the interviews.

Please note we will soon start accepting applications for the Bengaluru office. Until then, applicants interested in working in India as an AC should apply to our New Delhi and Mumbai offices.

The New Delhi and Mumbai offices are not offering associate consultant internships for undergraduate hires in the upcoming summer.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding AC recruiting.

Job information

Firm: Bain & Company

Location: Delhi

Education: Postgraduate degree


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