Design Researcher - Consulting

Postgraduate degree
Functional areas
This job is no longer available

Why is this role important to us?

We are on a quest to invent new ways of using digital and make a difference in the lives of customers and users. To that end, we begin with an empathy-based research where Design Researcher helps us uncover unmet needs, non-obvious insights and emerging mind-sets, behaviours and patterns. Your insights will inspire us to build the next big idea!

You will…

  • Work with a diverse and passionate group of designers, strategists, & technologists and champion for the customer through captivating stories
  • Design and structure the human-centered research portion of the project by collaborating with internal and client teams through fieldwork, findings analysis and insights synthesis.
  • Find the human in the process by observing and immersing yourself in the day-in-the-life of target customer group
  • Develop storyboards, personas and customer experience maps.
  • Collaborate with leadership to reimagine the PwC Digital Experience Centre to bring the human element challenging the world to see opportunities it hasn’t noticed yet.
  • Travel occasionally for research and/or client meetings.

You are…

  • Passionate about understanding people & why they do what they do
  • Driven by empathy and naturally curious to learn about people, and have the uncanny ability to uncover their needs & wants
  • Seasoned qualitative researcher with 5 years of hand-on experience right from scoping, preparing interview guides, to conducting research using various human-centered discovery techniques including contextual inquiries, intercept studies, focus group discussions, running live prototype sessions or remote moderated studies
  • Experienced in pattern recognition and converting insights into compelling stories that inspire the designers
  • Comfortable with data, either designed surveys or analysed data
  • Applied research insights for solution designing in a studio or the like
  • Strong in your verbal, written, and presentation skills

What we need from you?

At this point, all we want is your resume. You may be asked to share your portfolio and a point of view on a design challenge during later stages of the discussion.

Once you submit your resume, here is what you can expect…

A dedicated team will peruse through the details and will reach out to you for further discussions. If you are shortlisted by our HR, you will have an opportunity to have further discussions and meet some of our Design Strategists, Technologists, Researchers et al and also visit our collaboration spaces and Experience Centre.

Job information

Firm: PwC

Location: Bangalore

Education: Postgraduate degree