NIIT chooses Indigo Consulting as new strategic digital partner

30 May 2018 3 min. read
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Indigo Consulting has entered a strategic partnership with one of India’s leading learning outsourcing companies – NIIT – to offer support with the latter’s brand transformation journey. Among other functions, Indigo will help develop a new website that matches the evolving market trends in India.

Founded in 2000, Indigo Consulting is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Mumbai, offering services strictly in the digital domain, including the development of digital strategy, designing of websites, social media management, search engine optimisation, mobile marketing and a range of others.

Since 2012, the firm has been a subsidiary of the Publicis Groupe – a French advertising and public relations firm with a global reach – and has grown to operate with more than 150 employees across its Delhi and Mumbai locations.

Much like other digital agencies operating in India, the firm has found itself operating in a highly lucrative market scenario, wherein the consumer-base of online content is expanding to unprecedented levels, creating a substantial space for digital advertising, marketing, and retail. 

In March, Indigo Consulting won a contract with hair and beauty firm Garnier India to offer digital and communications support, as the latter sought to keep in tune with the evolving FMCG segment in India. This time, the firm has won a longer-term partnership contract with skill and talent development firm NIIT.NIIT chooses Indigo Consulting as new strategic digital partnerNIIT has been active in the Indian market since 1981, primarily delivering training solutions across the world. Specifically, the firm combines a number of different learning-related services to offer customised solutions to its clients. These include content and development, administration, delivery, technology, sourcing, and even advisory services.  The firm is now set to restructure its operations to fit the new and rapidly evolving digital market. 

“We embarked on this overall brand transformation journey a couple of months ago. Digital is a critical pillar within our overall blueprint because of its potential to exponentially impact transformation. We are looking at a combination of velocity, reach, and immersive experience delivery that will enhance talent development across India,” said Kshitij Jain, Vice-President for Marketing and Sales of NIIT’s Career Education vertical.

Describing the reasons for Indigo as the chosen partner, he added, “ it was absolutely critical for us to partner with the right agency to build a digital customer journey and deliver it in a way that enhances consumer experiences, and continues to position NIIT as a leader in the space of training. Indigo demonstrates the right blend of the ‘art and science’ of digital solutions to target the digital native. We look forward to a fruitful association with Indigo Consulting.”

Indigo will leverage the latest in e-learning to ramp up NIIT’s operations, while simultaneously developing the firm’s new “immersive” website.

Jose Leon, President at Indigo Consulting said, “India is likely to have the world’s largest workforce by 2027 with a billion people aged between 15 and 60. NIIT has value to offer to this entire spectrum – right from enabling the youth identify its skills and enhance them formally in a structured environment, to senior working professionals getting certified from premier institutes to explore better career opportunities. Digital Transformation experts at Indigo Consulting are crafting a strategy to create and deliver an immersive experience for all target users of NIIT, and we are excited about this partnership and the positive impact this can deliver for the brand.”