BMGI launches strategy development solution HoshinX in the Indian market

29 June 2018 3 min. read
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In a bid to bolster its strategy consulting practice in India, global management consultancy BMGI has launched its HoshinX strategy platform in the country. The new solution – designed around the Japanese Hoshin Kanri planning process – is aimed at offering an integrated platform to align organisational operations with leadership strategies.  

As the business and management consulting market in India grows and becomes more competitive, differentiation of services has become the need of the hour, particularly for small firms that are looking to hold off the hostile strategies of some of the larger global consulting firms.

Mumbai-based management consulting firm BMGI is a prime example of a unique approach offering in an otherwise generalised market. The firm specialises in partnering with firms to design strategies for business transformation with the objective of enhancing growth and innovative capabilities.

The unique aspect of the firm’s services however, is that they revolve around the Japanese principle of Hoshin Kanri, which literally translates to ‘compass management.’ In essence, it entails that the eventual execution of a strategy should be kept in mind during every stage of the planning process, thereby ensuring coherence within the strategy and between the various segments of an organisation.BMGI launches strategy development solution HoshinX in the Indian marketTo this end, the Hoshin Kanri process is divided by BMGI into seven distinct stages, starting with establishing a clear organisational vision, and followed – in order – by developing breakthrough objectives (radical, long-term changes for improvement), developing annual objectives, deploying these annual objectives, implementing the same, conducting a monthly review, and subsequently an annual review.

The firm has now integrated this entire philosophy into a single product by the name of HoshinX, which acts as a single, comprehensive platform wherein leadership can devise organisational strategies while simultaneously ensuring alignment with middle management and the entire team. HoshinX has been launched in the Indian market, spanning the firm’s domestic and international clients.

Commenting on the new platform, BMGI’s Business Head Shubhrangshu Barman Roy said, “We have successfully initiated the deployment with MNCs in India and are looking forward to replicating the same across globally. We are currently in talks with a number of major corporates who are sensing and realising the immense potential of this platform and are looking forward to deploying it.”

Naresh Raisinghani, CEO & Executive Director at BMGI added, “HoshinX™ is a powerful solution which supports Hoshin planning and is an all-in-one strategy deployment platform designed to have a positive impact on business. Today, 9 out of 10 organisations struggle to implement strategy. HoshinX™ enables successful deployment of strategy in organisations by providing line of sight and comprehensive dashboards on the strategic parameters.”