Sumit Sahni to guide InspireOne through next growth phase as Partner & CEO

10 July 2018 3 min. read
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Leadership and organisational development firm InspireOne is ready for its next growth phase, and Sumit Sahni has been tasked with leading the charge as of 2nd July. The former director at Harvard Business Publishing will take take over as CEO and Partner at InspireOne. 

InspireOne was founded in 1999 with the objective of supporting firms that are looking to realise the full potential of their workforce. To this end, the firm offers a range of services, starting right at the top with leadership development, going through the organisation with cultural transformation all the way to customer centricity.

The firm operates around the principle that human capital is of paramount importance to the progress of an organisation, and looks to streamline its clients’ workforce through tried and tested techniques such as employee engagement, assessments, employee satisfaction surveys, and other organisational development initiatives.

The firm’s methods are constantly reinforced and improved through partnerships with some of the world’s leading human capital organisations, including learning consultancy TMI World, organisational development firm TACK International, and the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute.

The firm is now looking to enter its “next growth phase,” for which it has appointed Sumit Sahni as CEO and Partner. Sahni has a versatile academic background, beginning with a diploma in hotel management, followed by a certification in branded culture consulting from BCS America, and topped off with a diploma in management, social psychology and organisational behavior from the London Business School.

Sumit Sahni to guide InspireOne through next growth phase as Partner & CEO

He began his professional career as an HR executive at Taj Hotels and Resorts – India’s second largest hotel chain – following which he took up a role in operations training at Max New York Life Insurance. He then spent nearly six years as the Head of Organisational Development Consulting at TMI. 

Sahni has spent just short of the last decade at Harvard Business Publishing, starting as the Head of Solutions Design & Delivery for South Asia and Middle East, and ending up as Director for Corporate Learning for the Asia-Pacific and Middle East. Sahni has previously headed customer centricity and organisational development at InspireOne, and has now made a return to the firm.

Commenting on the appointment, Managing Director at InspireOne Deepak Mohla said, “Sumit has joined InspireOne with a clear mandate to take the Firm to its next growth phase. We are confident that he would prove to be an inspiring leader and ensure the highest order of Client work. His personal values and principles resonate with that of InspireOne and this would ensure for our clients’ continued quality of professional work.”

Sahni himself added, “I am really excited to come back to InspireOne. We have a wide solutions portfolio, a great client base and a strong team of professionals. I look forward to working with my fellow colleagues and leading the firm through its next growth phase.”

The next phase coincides with a realisation in the Indian market that HR strategies are significantly underdeveloped, and InspireOne’s growth will come on the back of an increased focus on human capital across a range of new industries.