Ex- Nickelodeon India director Pradeep Hejmani joins Aidem as CEO

27 July 2018 Consultancy.in 3 min. read
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Media and marketing consultancy Aidem has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer in the form of media-veteran Pradeep Hejmadi, a former senior executive at Nickelodeon India and Zee Entertainment. Hejmadi will lead the firm’s growth strategy, in addition to supervising its latest verticals: Aidemtec and Aidem Sporty. 

Aidem Ventures is a Mumbai-based independent media consulting firm that specialises in offering media companies an external sales avenue, informed by a versatile set of over 100 experts. The firm runs on the principle that most media and broadcasting houses rely on advertising for well over half of their revenues, while most lack the internal expertise to keep up with market trends in advertising.

In India, the media and entertainment industry is expected to skyrocket in the near future, as a staggering majority of the population will be consuming online content by as early as 2025. Correspondingly, the expenditure on digital advertising is expected to balloon in the near future, and Aidem is amongst a number of advertising agencies emerging to fill the gap between the demand for advertising capabilities and the internal talent pool of broadcasting firms. 

Pradeep Hejmadi will now head operations for Aidem, navigating this period of massive demand and the increasing competition. Hejmadi will oversee the firm’s Aidemtec and Aidem Sporty verticals, in addition to keeping an eye out for prospective partners and lucrative opportunities.Ex- Nickelodeon India director Pradeep Hejmani joins Aidem as CEOHejmadi has a bachelors in physics, and over two decades of professional experience. He began at Bennett Coleman, where he spent a year as a Senior Sales Representative, following which he moved to J. Walter Thomson where he spent two years as a Senior Media Planner.

He has since held the position of director at some of the biggest international broadcasting agencies operating in India, including Director of Research and Planning at Discovery Networks, Director of Research at Turner Broadcasting, Director of Business & Operations at Nickelodeon India. He then moved to the role of Senior VP at Tam Media Research, and was most recently Business Head at Zee TV.

Commenting on his appointment, Hejmadi said, “I’m excited to join Aidem Ventures and look forward to working with an extremely talented team. Aidem is an energetic and dynamic organization that has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. My focus will be on spurring exponential growth for the organization, and leveraging an eclectic team of professionals to convert challenges into profitable business outcomes.”

Managing Director at Aidem, Karan Kumar added, “There couldn’t be a better time for Aidem to work with someone like Pradeep who has extensive experience and a proven track record in the entertainment space. With the launch of Aidemtec and Aidem Sporty, we have a massive opportunity to capitalise on Pradeep’s experience in pioneering initiatives in the broadcast field. I’m confident that his leadership assets will be valuable for us in the long term.”