Wipro and Anaplan partner to develop Enterprise Performance Management solutions

14 September 2018 Consultancy.in 3 min. read
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Indian IT services giant Wipro has announced a strategic with San Francisco-based tech firm Anaplan to develop Enterprise Performance Management solutions based on the cloud environment. The solutions will be aimed at ensuring smooth digital transformations and cloud migrations for their clients.

Wipro will contribute its Enterprise Cloud Accelerator to the partnership, which clients will leverage to migrate their entire suite of applications operations to the cloud environment – a process that Wipro’s solution has simplified down to a single click. Thereafter, the cloud platform used by clients will be the Anaplan Connected Planning (ACP) platform.

The duo have already experimented with this combination, working with a multinational energy management firm based in Europe. The project involved the incorporation of ACP, and has reportedly produced immediate results in terms of enhanced productivity and improved data-interconnectivity levels.

Greater data management allowed for a much more efficient utilisation of organisational resources in this case. In addition the solution also facilitated the identification of possible business prospects that best align with the organisation’s motivations, following which the solutions helped with developing an investment and resources allocation strategy.

Wipro and Anaplan partner to develop Enterprise Performance Management solutions

The partnership is yet another indication that Wipro has successfully modernised its business development plans. The firm was struggling with dipping revenues for a prolonged period of time, brought about by the decreasing relevance of its main suite of services – IT architecture and maintenance.

Since then, the firm has reoriented its operations to further incorporate business and financial services, alongside the evolution of its IT services segment into the contemporary domains of cloud-based services and blockchain solutions. The plan appears to have worked, given that the firm exceeded all expectations to post growth of 2% in this year’s first financial quarter.

Commenting on the partnership, Vice President and Global Head of Analytics at Wipro, Pallab Kumar Deb said, “Leveraging Anaplan's flexible, scalable, and collaborative Connected Planning platform, we have helped our clients make informed decisions, and develop faster and more effective business planning processes. We look forward to building on our partnership with Anaplan to help our customers meet their enterprise planning objectives.”

Steven Birdsall, Chief Revenue Officer at Anaplan added, “Companies make better business decisions when they connect data, people, and plans across the company. As business process experts, Wipro understands the digital transformation process and together, we see immense opportunity to transform how closer connections between finance and operations can drive faster, more insightful decision making and concrete business impact for our customers.”