Deloitte acquires VLMS solution from Indian pharmaceutical company

19 September 2018 3 min. read

Global professional services firm Deloitte has added a new cloud-based automated validation life cycle management system (VLMS) to its suite of service offerings in the life sciences domain. The system, known as QSpace, was acquired from Indian pharmaceutical firm Archimedis Healthcare. 

Founded in 2014, Archimedis characterises itself as a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Organisation, aimed primarily at clients operating in the domain of life sciences. Alongside dealing in lactam-based products in tablet, capsule or syrup forms, the firm also develops innovative technological solutions in the field of healthcare.

One of its flagship products in its technological solutions segment is QSapce, an end-to-end VLMS for IT operations in life sciences firms. QSpace was formulated on the principle that life sciences organisations face a particularly high degree of pressure due to the exceptionally stringent regulatory frameworks within which they operate.

Life sciences organisations have to comply with a range of regulations at every stage of operation, including clinical research & development, manufacturing, inventory and sales. Failure to comply at any stage not only poses the obvious risk of threatening human health and life, but can also mean a world of financial and legal losses for a firm.

Deloitte acquires VLMS solution from Indian pharmaceutical company

Based in the cloud environment, QSpace digitalises the validation at every step of the process, ensuring a significant reduction in the probability of an error, in addition to harmonising the entire operational life cycle. The solution has the added benefit that it has an exceptionally speedy deployment time. 

The solution is customised to optimise operations specifically for life sciences firms, and recognises regulatory frameworks both within the US and across the globe. In addition to the enhancements described above, QSpace also identifies inefficiencies in the operational chain and offers data-based solutions to reduce overall costs.

Commenting on the acquisition, CEO of Deloitte’s Risk & Financial Advisory Chuck Saia said, “QSpace enables us to help our clients disrupt the marketplace with a more agile, leaner and standardised VLMS. This innovative platform allows CIOs, CQOs and their teams in life sciences, regulatory compliance, and IT quality to embrace the complexity of validation lifecycle management.”

Principal at Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Monica O’Reilly added, “We know executives at leading organisations in the pharmaceutical, medical device, contract research, contract manufacturing and distribution sectors want to improve IT quality and compliance efforts as part of broader compliance modernisation initiatives. QSpace enables that transformation for IT operations, compliance and risk management, while also freeing up resources for organisations to focus more on the business of innovating for the benefit of customers and patients.”