TCS offers double the usual pay to new digital savvy employees

16 October 2018 2 min. read

TCS has taken a big step towards bolstering its capabilities in the digital services arena, announcing that it will offer nearly double the usual salary to new entrants who have skills in the industry 4.0 domains. The firm is planning to offer the new package to approximately 1,000 new employees.

Given the pressure firms are under in the contemporary scenario to adapt to the latest technologies in the industry 4.0 domain, many consulting firms operating in the sector are realising the importance of having appropriately skilled personnel to assist with this transformation.

In recent months, IT services giant Infosys recognised that this requirement for skills extends till the highest levels of organisation, with the announcement that revenues from the digital services segment would comprise a major part of evaluations at the executive level. The firm’s competitor in the IT services segment – TCS – has now responded with a new personnel policy of its own.

TCS offers double the usual pay to new digital savvy employees

Over the last decade, salaries for entry-level employees in engineering and IT services firms has stagnated at approximately Rs. 3.5 lakh annually. As per TCS’ new policy, a 1,000 new employees with demonstrated skills in the digital services domain are set to receive an annual salary of Rs. 6.5 lakh 

The new candidates will be subject to a rigorous evaluation process, which includes a specialised test designed to assess skills in the digital domain. In addition to qualified candidates who apply for positions at TCS, the oppoprtunity to give the test will be open to candidates who register a particularly good score on at the National Qualifier Test (NQT).

As elucidated by Executive Vice President and Head of Global Human Resources at TCS Ajoy Mukherjee, “People who have done well in the NQT will get a chance to write another test for the digital talent pool, and if they clear and go through the interview then they will get into the digital pool and their compensation will be differentiated.“

The move comes despite the fact that TCS has demonstrated excellence in the domain of Software Product Engineering as well as in Digital Marketing Services. Trends such as these reiterate the assertion being made by most experts that talent is central to the new digital paradigm.