Ensono reveals plans to expand in the Indian market following Wipro deal

12 October 2018 Consultancy.in 2 min. read
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Following the integration of Indian IT services giant Wipro’s entire Hosted Data Centre Services Business (HDCSB) division in recent weeks, US-based IT services management firm Ensono has announced plans to expand its India operations by approximately 10-15% over the next few years. 

Founded in 1969, Ensono is an IT specialist firm specialising in the fields of cloud computing and intelligent governance. The firm’s full suite of services includes offering support for what it terms as “mission critical workloads,” with a primary focus on reducing the cost of ownership.

The firm also assists with overall modernisation procedures, systems migration and business complexity management. Earlier this year, the firm made the decision to enter the rapidly expanding cloud market in India through the acquisition of the HDCSB of Indian IT services giant Wipro.

The selection of Wipro comes at a time when the firm is looking to bring about a shift in the orientation of its operations to expand its focus on digital services, given that its former suite of IT management services is fast becoming obsolete.

Ensono reveals plans to expand in the Indian market following Wipro deal

Speaking at the official launch of Ensono’s India operations, CEO of the firm Jeff VonDeylen has revealed that the firm plans to expand rapidly over the next few years. Laying the objectives down in numerical terms, VonDeylen revealed his target of 10-15% growth in the near future.

Currently, the firm’s India operations amount to the 450 professionals who came from Wipro. According to the terms decided, the firm has committed an annual revenue of $90 million to Wipro for the next three years, which it will achieve through partnerships with other IT giants including Infosys.

VonDeylen said, “As business continues to grow, we expect to increase our headcount to about 600 people over the next couple of years in India. The India operations will support our existing customers in the US and Europe, who so far were supported from the US. The business is focused on the US and Europe at present and is likely to remain this way for the next two-three years.”

Ensono is hoping to tap into the ever expanding hosted data centre market which is currently worth over $100 billion. The firm follows in the footsteps of a number of cloud services firms that are establishing operations in India through strategic acquisitions, hoping to capitalise on a highly favourable scenario.