PwC launches platforms for digital and innovation services

06 October 2017 3 min. read
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In light of disruption caused to markets by rapid digital innovation, PwC India have launched two new platforms, both aimed at improving the delivery of digital transformation and innovation. The initiatives, titled Neomegha and BXT, deal with cloud-based solutions and overall innovation strategies respectively.

Global professional services firm PwC has a growing presence in India, currently operating in eight cities across the country. In order to bolster its capacity to help clients in different industries keep up with the rapid digital innovations unfolding in the business landscape, the Big Four firm has launched two initiatives with a digital bent in recent months.


The first initiative is Neomegha, a digital innovation catalyst framework with a specific focus on speed and cost-effectiveness. Neomegha revolves around cloud platforms, with the aim of helping organisations at each stage of cloud-based solutions, from shifting the organisation onto the cloud platform, to managing multi-cloud environments and developing cloud-native applications. PwC has significantly developed its expertise in the cloud arena, particularly since 2014 when it bundled services with Google to help companies across the world with the adoption of the new technology.

Neomegha primarily acts as a service, providing an organisation with a single user interface on which it can track a number of cloud activities – public, private, or hybrid– thereby allowing for data-informed decisions. Additionally, the service includes an in-built cloud governance framework, which allows firms to build their own applications and operate them on cloud. Lastly, the network is interactive in the sense that it has an active chat interface, whereby networkers and developers can interact.

PwC launches platforms for digital and innovation servicesAccording to PwC, the Neomegha network has improved efficiency in a number of organisations by over 30 times. Commenting on the service, Ashootosh Chand, a Digital Services Partner at PwC India said, “In order to become a truly digital business today, companies must focus on innovating and adapting to a new paradigm - with enhanced flexibility, agility and greater self-service capabilities. This platform equips enterprises with a comprehensive digital transformation framework that will give them the extra edge required to monetise and grow their business in a highly competitive landscape.”

BXT consulting approach

In addition to the Neomegha platform, PwC has also introduced the BXT consulting approach in India, which involves examining a task from all possible perspectives with the aim of developing human-centric solutions. BXT stands for business, experience, and technology; and is a methodology already employed successfully by PwC on the global stage. PwC leaders will now be hoping for similar results in India as well. The more comprehensive method of transformation – which encourages open collaboration and experimentation in order to enhance coherence the strategy and the eventual customer experience – was originally rolled out by PwC after data revealed that 70% of digital transformations across the globe failed, despite the adoption of the latest technology.

Partner and Leader for Digital Services at PwC India, Sudhir Singh Dungarpur, said, “Every industry today is facing disruption in some form or the other, which has led to a marked shift in expectations from customers. Solving business challenges today requires companies to introspect and adopt a multidisciplinary perspective when addressing problems. By leveraging our business, design, and tech expertise, we help clients drive holistic and meaningful business transformation by placing the human component at the centre of problem solving.”