Infosys partners with Finnish firm to develop new AI framework

26 October 2018 3 min. read

Infosys is looking to transform and develop its offerings in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI), to which end it has now partnered with Finland-based consulting and engineering firm Povry. The firms will combine to is build a new, highly comprehensive AI framework by the name of Krti 4.0.

Last month, Indian IT services giant Infosys established a foothold in Finland and the rest of Scandinavia through the acquisition of an Espoo-based consulting firm by the name of Fluido. The acquisition was primarily to boost Infosys’ Salesforce capabilities, with the additional benefit of gaining a local presence in Finland.

This presence is now paying dividends, exemplified by a new partnership announced by Infosys with Finnish engineering and consulting firm Povry. Based out of Vantaa, Povry has been operational since 1958, and offers a range of engineering services in the domains of power generation & distribution, biorefining and a number of others.

A crucial aspect of Povry’s operations is its focus on integrating the latest digital innovative capabilities within its solutions. The firm will now apply this principle in collaboration with Infosys to develop a new AI solution by the name of Krti 4.0, which caters primarily to industry, utilities and infrastructure enterprises.

Infosys partners with Finnish firm to develop new AI framework

Krti 4.0 not only incorporates capabilities in the AI domain, but also contains elements of cognitive & machine learning and machine-to-machine (M2M) operations. The solution is designed to tackle some of the most frequent obstacles faced by firms in their technology infrastructure.

Specifically, the solution serves to reduce the overall investment required in maintenance of IT systems, in addition to making the operations more reliable by preventing systemic failures. The solution is also expected to promote a high standard of environmental sustainability.

The comprehensive solution collects data in real time and offers analytical evaluations and predictions. As explained by Richard Pinnock, President of Povry’s Energy Business, “In Krti 4.0 real-time data from critical assets are converted into information with computing and business intelligence algorithms enabling prescriptive decision making.”

Head of Infosys’ Engineering Services, Nitesh Bansal added, “In the digital world, our clients need to leverage their assets to create tangible returns on investment in a short time. Our Internet of Things services are focused on impacting top line and bottom line, leveraging capabilities to remote-monitor products and assets, prevent breakdowns and analyse data to optimise performance across the production system.”

The move is among the first major steps taken under Infosys’ new Global Head of AI and Automation John Gikopoulos, who took over in August this year. The move is also consistent with Infosys’ overall drive to evolve in terms of digital capabilities over the next three years.