Two senior executives merge branding and legal practices to form Azendor Consulting

31 January 2019

Former Chief Strategy Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi Sourabh Mishra has partnered with the former Head of Legal Affairs at DEN Networks Indranil Banerjee to establish a new branding and legal consultancy by the name of Azendor Consulting. The new firm is a merger of the independent practices of both executives.

Using branding strategy and legal consulting as a starting point, the new Mumbai-based firm plans to widen its scope of services in the future to include consulting in the domains of business, finance and even human resources. Azendor hopes to tap into a market that is expanding rapidly in India.

The world of branding and marketing is evolving in tandem with a digital revolution in the business environment, which leads many firms to desire support with what Mishra terms as the non-core aspects of a business. Leaving branding and legal strategy to external professionals allows firms to focus on their core operations.

Mishra has extensive experience in the domain of branding strategy. He holds a degree in marketing and has held top positions at some of the most illustrious advertising firms in India and across the globe. He began at Contract Advertising, and subsequently became a Planning Director for McCann Erikson as well as for Ogilvy & Mather.

Two senior executives merge branding and legal practices to form Azendor Consulting

At a more senior level, Mishra has been the Vice President at Everest Brand Solutions, the Vice President for Branding at Reliance Capital, and the Chief Strategy Officer at two major advertising giants, starting with TBWA India and subsequently at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

Mishra’s Co-Founder Indranil Banerjee is also a highly experienced professional, who has been a Senior Associate Advocate at Titus & Co. as well as at Fox Mandal, and has also been the Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs both at Star India and at DEN Networks.

Both executives have most recently been engaged in their independent practices: Mishra has been running a branding firm by the name of Sourabh Mishra Brand Consulting, while Bannerjee has been the Managing Partner at Indus Lexus Consulting. Azendor is a merger of both these firms.

Commenting on the new firm, Mishra said, “Azendor has been created to help our clients perform to the best of their capabilities in the space where they wish to excel in and aim to be market leaders. Clients across industries and size have repeatedly articulated this need. And with not enough good options available, we aim to fill this gap with Azendor. The branding vertical specifically recognises the fact that business leaders today see their brand at the heart of everything that their business does. Azendor’s framework and collaborative network model ensures that every client of ours gets the best talent put together in a bespoke team for their requirement.”

Banerjee added, “The name ‘Azendor’ has been derived from ‘ascender’, which in mountaineering is a device that helps climbers ascend steep slopes safely. That is an apt metaphor for what we do – help our clients focus on the climb by taking away the important but non-core business functions that impedes their ascent. Azendor, through our Legal consultancy services, will enable our clients maintain equilibrium between their corporate goals and their legal necessities.”

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Indian strategic consultancy Intueri notches first year of operations

05 April 2019

Strategy consultancy firm Intueri has successfully completed its first full year of operations, with one eye now firmly on the international stage.

Establishing its operations in India last year, Intueri is a multi-disciplinary strategy consultancy founded by consulting veteran Ambarish Dasgupta, who over the course of twenty-four years served as the head of consulting for both PwC and KPMG in India. The firm provides broad-based services in strategy, policy advisory and corporate finance, but sets itself apart according to Dasgupta through its deep research, problem solving and client engagement approach.

Along with a desire to develop a leading home-grown consultancy in a local landscape of dominant foreign multinationals, such a deep-research mind-set was the primary motivation for establishing Intueri in the first placeDasgupta was driven to tackle particularly complex problems for clients together with a team of exceptional talent – providing a clear and unbiased point of view founded on very strong analysis.

“Unfortunately, there is a vacuum in the innovative, independent & bold , comprehensive and research-based advisory space, those consultancies which can help business leaders deal with geo strategic uncertainties,” Dasgupta states of his intentions for Intueri. “We want to create a unique combination of practical business experience and the latest advancements in knowledge, intuition and intelligence; passion for client and young dynamism.”

Ambarish Dasgupta, founder of IntueriWith a core in-house team of consultants who hail from leading business schools in India and abroad, backed by a need-based network of expert advisors, professors and specialist alliance partners, Intueri applies comprehensive research to complex strategy questions in areas such strategic planning performance optimisation, specialised technology feasibility like Industry 4.0, and international expansions through a rigorous PESTEL model, which provides a wider lens by bringing together political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal analysis.

“Any business decision today is influenced by a myriad of uncertain, unknown external forces, and business leaders and traders get nervous because of geopolitical and macro-economic shocks,” says Dasgupta. “On the other hand, companies fail to leverage the benefits of trade policies or various trade agreements and miss opportunities. Thus, business leaders should consider the interplay amongst these factors to identify opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses.” 

Building a solid reputation

And with a fruitful first year under its belt, the firm is now plotting its own international push. “The market that we are looking at is definitely the world,” Dasgupta says of Intueri’s growth plans, before adding in a typically pragmatic manner; “but since we only are eleven months old, we first have to build up credibility locally.” Yet, with a number of appreciative Indian clients and successfully completed projects already to its name, Intueri is quickly gaining a solid reputation.

Among its projects to date – with the firm stating its intention to focus on and maintain a limited, exclusive roster of long-cycle clients – Intueri has served an established Indian pharmaceutical company grappling with slow revenue growth; aided a local tea company in assessing six countries across Asia for its overseas domicile; performed an Industry 4.0 feasibility study for a leading industrial goods manufacturer; and partnered with an Indian conglomerate with its expansion abroad. 

Intueri has further advised clients in the government, tech-education (artificial intelligence and machine learning), higher education, healthcare, construction & real-estate, retail, and media sectors.

A master of engineering graduate from Jadavpur University, Dasgupta has amassed over two decades of Big Four experience before setting out on his own. Joining PwC in 1993 after starting his career at the then state-owned IT service company CMC, Dasgupta would ultimately spend two decades with PwC – rising to become Head of Consulting, before crossing to KPMG in 2013 to take on the equivalent role.

He left KPMG in 2017 after four years at the firm, going on to become a Member of the State Public Policy and planning board of the Government of West Bengal and Principal Advisor to West Bengal Electronics and IT Department and setting up Intueri. Now, Intueri – which conceptually translates to looking within – is looking outwards toward the international stage.