Two senior executives merge branding and legal practices to form Azendor Consulting

31 January 2019 3 min. read
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Former Chief Strategy Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi Sourabh Mishra has partnered with the former Head of Legal Affairs at DEN Networks Indranil Banerjee to establish a new branding and legal consultancy by the name of Azendor Consulting. The new firm is a merger of the independent practices of both executives.

Using branding strategy and legal consulting as a starting point, the new Mumbai-based firm plans to widen its scope of services in the future to include consulting in the domains of business, finance and even human resources. Azendor hopes to tap into a market that is expanding rapidly in India.

The world of branding and marketing is evolving in tandem with a digital revolution in the business environment, which leads many firms to desire support with what Mishra terms as the non-core aspects of a business. Leaving branding and legal strategy to external professionals allows firms to focus on their core operations.

Mishra has extensive experience in the domain of branding strategy. He holds a degree in marketing and has held top positions at some of the most illustrious advertising firms in India and across the globe. He began at Contract Advertising, and subsequently became a Planning Director for McCann Erikson as well as for Ogilvy & Mather.

Two senior executives merge branding and legal practices to form Azendor Consulting

At a more senior level, Mishra has been the Vice President at Everest Brand Solutions, the Vice President for Branding at Reliance Capital, and the Chief Strategy Officer at two major advertising giants, starting with TBWA India and subsequently at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

Mishra’s Co-Founder Indranil Banerjee is also a highly experienced professional, who has been a Senior Associate Advocate at Titus & Co. as well as at Fox Mandal, and has also been the Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs both at Star India and at DEN Networks.

Both executives have most recently been engaged in their independent practices: Mishra has been running a branding firm by the name of Sourabh Mishra Brand Consulting, while Bannerjee has been the Managing Partner at Indus Lexus Consulting. Azendor is a merger of both these firms.

Commenting on the new firm, Mishra said, “Azendor has been created to help our clients perform to the best of their capabilities in the space where they wish to excel in and aim to be market leaders. Clients across industries and size have repeatedly articulated this need. And with not enough good options available, we aim to fill this gap with Azendor. The branding vertical specifically recognises the fact that business leaders today see their brand at the heart of everything that their business does. Azendor’s framework and collaborative network model ensures that every client of ours gets the best talent put together in a bespoke team for their requirement.”

Banerjee added, “The name ‘Azendor’ has been derived from ‘ascender’, which in mountaineering is a device that helps climbers ascend steep slopes safely. That is an apt metaphor for what we do – help our clients focus on the climb by taking away the important but non-core business functions that impedes their ascent. Azendor, through our Legal consultancy services, will enable our clients maintain equilibrium between their corporate goals and their legal necessities.”