TCS' cloud-first BaNCS platform to be available on Amazon Web Services

15 February 2019 2 min. read

In order to improve the speed, convenience and reach of its key Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, IT services giant TCS has announced that it will now offer TCS BaNCS Cloud on the global Amazon Web Services (AWS) network. The platform is designed to support financial services firms.

TCS has been among the consulting firms that have grown more active in tandem with the rapid spread of the Industry 4.0 paradigm, primarily to maintain its position as the largest IT services firm in the country with a market capitalisation in excess of $100 billion. The firm has been investing heavily in expanding its capabilities.

Last year, the firm announced that it would offer double the usual entry-level salary to new recruits who had expertise in the digital sphere. A number of clients – both within India and abroad – have since been leveraging this rapidly developing expertise to help with their digital transformations.

Cloud computing is one are where the Indian market has tremendous potential, given that the public cloud market is expected to reach a value of $1.9 billion over this year. TCS has been active in its efforts to tap into this market particularly through its BaNCS SaaS platform, designed for financial institutions.

TCS' cloud-first BaNCS platform to be available on Amazon Web Services

Banking and financial services are increasingly moving to the online domain in India, exemplified by the fact that digital lending is expected to surpass $1 trillion in the next four years. BaNCS allows for mobile payments and financial transactions, and has become the go-to cloud platform for a number of banks across the globe.

The platform is renowned for its speed, agility and futuristic structure, due to which is has rapidly gained popularity across the globe. Those leveraging TCS BaNCS also have direct access to advisory services from TCS in the domain of cloud-based strategic design and cyber security practices.

BaNCS will now be available on AWS, a global cloud services platform that offers a range of cloud-related services, including storage, delivery and overall functionality. The situation in AWS will further extend the reach of TCS’ SaaS platform.

“TCS BaNCS Cloud is the outcome of our 'Cloud First, Digital First' strategy designed to help our customers accelerate their Business 4.0™ transformation journeys. TCS BaNCS Cloud on AWS will allow our customers to further reduce their cost of infrastructure, and focus more on innovation and the use of technologies like AI and machine learning to differentiate themselves through a superior customer experience,” said R Vivekanand, VP and Co-Head of Financial Solutions at TCS.