Top clients to be the drivers of growth of Infosys in the near future

19 February 2019 2 min. read
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Indian IT services giant Infosys is looking to employ a new approach to driving growth in its consulting division, through plans to lay greater emphasis on its top clients, which generate the majority of its revenues in India. The firm looks to expand the suite of services currently being purchased by top firms.

Many IT services firms in India are currently looking to enhance revenues from their consulting divisions, particularly as their original suite of IT maintenance and architecture services becomes obsolete. Most of these reorganisation efforts have been focused heavily on the industry 4.0 domain.

Since taking over at the helm of the firm at the start of last year, CEO of Infosys Salil Parekh has been engaged in concerted efforts to steer his firm in the same direction. Last year, the firm unveiled a three-year strategy, starting with achieving a basic degree of stability and subsequently engaging in expansion strategies.

Part of these expansion strategies was to be striking where its hot in terms of revenues, wherein the firm would look to the lucrative areas of its operations for growth rather than attempting to introduce productivity into the relatively slower areas. This strategy is now manifesting itself.

Top clients to be the drivers of growth of Infosys in the near future

The firm has made the decision to focus more on its larger clients. Senior professionals at the firm will collaborate with the leads of the sales and marketing division to expand the suite of services being purchased by top clients rather than expanding the size of the client base itself. 

The move comes after Infosys has been actively looking to expand its internal digital expertise, primarily by offering greater pay to new recruits with skills in the digital sphere. The new pool of expertise will allow the firm to offer a host of new services, and will serve to place consulting as a central part of the firm’s operations.

“There is a lot more focus on driving growth in top 30 accounts. As part of this, we are looking to get digital strategists. Digital strategists are people, who will be again a handful, and who are consultants or technologists or people with industry background and will be looking at these top accounts,” said Infosys COO U.B. Pravin Rao, explaining the firm’s new strategy.

Infosys is not the only firm looking to expand its consulting division. While Tata Consultancy Services has established itself as the kingpin for digital services in the Indian market, other firms such as Wipro as well as Infosys have been working continuously to expand their expertise the digital domain.