TCS and Nanoheal to offer automated self-healing digital transformations

22 February 2019 3 min. read

Indian IT services giant TCS has now entered the automated technology solutions field through a partnership with Utah-based cognitive technology firm Nanoheal. The duo will leverage predictive analytics and deep delivery expertise to offer self-healing solutions to a number of clients.

As an increasing number of firms across the globe are moving their operations onto the digital domain, most are subject to the risk of losing out crucial time and resources due to a technical glitch or fault in any one of their digital applications. Nanoheal is a firm that tackles this issue.

Nanoheal was established in 2012 as a workplace automation platform that specialises in cognitive capabilities. The firm offers its services to medium and large enterprises, and its automated, real-time analytics allow for boosts in company productivity and enhancements in the overall IT architecture.

The firm’s flagship development is its self-healing technology, which uses real-time predictive data analytics to resolve technological issues. The technology’s success is based on the automation of nearly all work operations, which allows for constant monitoring and consequently efficient and accurate resolutions.

TCS and Nanoheal to offer automated self-healing digital transformations

In order to help develop its client base, the firm has now partnered with IT services giant TCS, which has extensive expertise in developing workspace management solutions. The firm also has experience with deep delivery, and has demonstrated its ability to implement an organisational digital transformation.

TCS will make use of Nanoheal’s self-healing technology to deliver solutions to clients across the globe. This represents one more in a string of US-based partnerships that TCS has been involved in recently, which have all contributed to its status as the fastest growing firm in the domain of IT services.

Raman Venkatraman, Vice President of TCS’ Alliances and Technology division said of the partnership, “Enterprises today are looking to use digital technologies to deliver exceptional experiences, not just for their customers but also for their employees. We're happy to partner with Nanoheal to provide our customers with automated solutions that free up their resources from mundane trouble-shooting tasks to focus on forward-thinking initiatives that help them thrive as Business 4.0 enterprises.”

CEO of Nanoheal Sridhar Santhamam added, “Nanoheal is an all-in-one proactive and predictive workspace automation platform dedicated to continually improving end-user experience and simplifying the delivery of IT services. We are thrilled to partner with TCS, as their impressive global reach and proven track record of helping customers navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape will enable us to deliver our collective expertise and capabilities across the corporate marketplace.”