Accenture enters the Guinness World Records for Longest line of photographs

08 May 2019 2 min. read
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Alongside the overall recognition it has received for its unique approach to talent management across organisations, Accenture India’s myPassion programme has now been recognised for the documentation of its progress through photographs by the Guiness World Records.

Nurturing and developing talent has become an increasingly crucial aspect of business operations recently. Digitalisation is bringing a degree of uniformity to a number of large organisations, leaving the human touch offered by employees in the firm as the only differentiating factor.

In such a competitive market, innovative human resources (HR) policies and initiatives are of the essence. Accenture’s myPassion initiative has been one of the most lauded initiatives in this domain. The programme allows the employees to display their range of talents in the workplace, allowing them to be themselves.

The initiative was rolled out across 20 venues in India, where employees could come and display their talents in a cariety of domains, be it in a variety of art forms or in sports. Over the course of nearly a year, more than 50,000 Accenture employees participated in events, allowing for a supportive environment.

Accenture enters the Guinness World Records for Longest line of photographs

The myPassion events were a matter of great pride for Accenture, and the firm documented the progression of the event throughout the year with a wide variety of photographs. At the end of the year, the firm ended up with nearly 26,000 pictures of the event, which were then placed on display.

The photos were displayed at the Accenture Advanced Technology Centre in Bengaluru in a single line, which spanned nearly 3,790 metres. The long line of photographs was then entered to compete for the Guiness World Record for the “Longest line of photographs” across the globe.

Having assessed the entry, the title has now been bestowed upon Aceenture’s myPassion gallery. myPassion is gaining attention at a time when Accenture’s overall profile as a consulting firm is rapidly on the rise in India, as it looks to diversify its service offerings in the country.

Alongside a number of such social initiatives, the firm is also developing its digital capabilities to match the growing demand for technology services in India, so much so that it has begun to eat into the market share of the largest IT services firms in the country.