KPMG and Innomantra to conduct Design Thinking workshops across India

22 May 2019 3 min. read

Global professional services firm KPMG is looking to support the development of future talent in the Indian market, through its latest partnership with the Institute of Engineering and Technology and Innomantra to offer training sessions in the domains of Design Thinking and Systematic Innovation.

The Big Four accounting and advisory firm has increasingly been advocating a shift towards Design Thinking to drive organisational growth. The concept includes the introduction of a singular design that ties all organisational operations together in order to enhance the internal coherence across all functions.

An organisational design includes various dimensions, including values, behaviour, environment, processes, resources and success. In an increasingly competitive business environment, KPMG argues that tying together all these dimensions can produce the differentiating factor.

The firm will now look to disemminate these ideas, in addition to ideas of Systematic Innovation, to a combined audience of academics and leaders in the domain of technology. The ideas will be threshed out through four-day ‘masterclass’ sessions, designed in collaboration with Innomantra.

KPMG and Innomantra to conduct Design Thinking workshops across India

The sessions will be conducted in various financial centres across the country, including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Coimbatore. The sessions are designed to serve a highly digitalised market, wherein innovation is crucial to stand out in a homogenising environment.

Innomantra is a Bangalore-based management consulting firm that offers a range of services in the innovative thinking space. Design Thinking is among the firm’s flagship service offerings, in addition to a number of others, including functional innovation methodology, collaborative innovation, innovation maturity models and workshops in ideation and innovation.

Commenting on the collaboration, Director of Digital Advisory services at KPMG Ramesh Krishnamurthy said, “The industry and the business model around them is undergoing disruption because of the changing needs of their customer. Organizations need to continuously design and innovate their offering to keep up pace with the customer perception. KPMG, as a knowledge partner to [IET], is excited about this collaboration as the master class is designed to help the industry practitioner be abreast with the changing needs of our users.”

Lokesh Venkataswamy, CEO & Managing Director of Innomantra added, “Innovation is the single biggest driver for growth, productivity and to aspire next. It is also true that many of the organizations that do innovate and have been successful at it, the challenge of making innovations repeatable. Developing real innovation capability requires an adequate, structured and new coherent approach. Innovating ‘design thinking way’ is a pathfinder for exponential possibilities with a designer’s mindset in an Innovation Economy. The innovation lies in the cross-pollination of knowledge and experience IET, Innomantra, and KPMG’s partners to bring thought leadership in Design thinking with a proven framework, and industry experience to unlock one’s true potential to trigger innovation next.”