Capgemini launches Digital Academy in India to boost skill development

04 July 2019 2 min. read

Professional services firm Capgemini has launched a newly developed Digital Academy programme in India. The programme is aimed at integrating people from more marginalised segments through skill development, with a focus on digital and 21st century capabilities.

The market of the future is one that is characterised by a demand for skills in the digital sphere. As Industry 4.0 segments such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and data analytics advance in their prominence, new job profiles are likely to emerge that require working with this technology.

Experts have suggested that one in ten jobs in the Indian market will be entirely new in the nature of skills required over the next half a decade. Such a shift in the market appears to be coming at an opportune time for India, where a number of skill development initiatives are already underway to help tackle the rampant unemployment.

In this context, the new generation of skilled employees can be equipped with the digital skills required in the contemporary market. In recent years, India’s private sector has been just as involved in skill development as the public sector, and Capgemini has emerged as the latest firm to join this movement.

Ashwin Yardi - CEO Capgemini India

The firm has launched its Digital Academy in India. The initiative will be rolled out with two academies, one in Mumbai and one in Pune. The former is a non-residential campus, which will be attended by male and female participants alike, while the latter is a female only residential facility in Pune.

Specifically, Capgemini’s Digital Academy is aimed at bringing marginalised sections of society within the fore of the productive population, which translates to the development of digital skills in the modern context. The programme was first rolled out globally in December last year to help refugees.

Commenting on the initiative, CEO at Capgemini Ashwin Yardi said, “The two Digital Academy centers reinforce our commitment to drive equal opportunity and leverage our expertise as a technology company to bring individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds into the mainstream job market.” 

“Our group-wide focus on digital inclusion will enable us to mobilise our collective passion and expertise to support individuals with the digital skills they need to sustain themselves in the new world shaped by the digital revolution,” added Thierry Delaporte, COO of Capgemini.