TCS and Google to help Cisco with expansion in India

30 August 2019 2 min. read

Global technology giant Cisco is tapping into the remarkable presence that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Google hold in the Indian market, having announced partnerships with both firms as it looks to grow in India. The partnerships lie in the mobile internet and cloud services domains. 

As the digital market in India expands at unprecedented rates, both Google and TCS have been quick and strong in their efforts to establish a foothold in the market. Google launched its IT and cloud consulting business in India in 2017, doubling its India headcount at the time to match the substantial demand.

TCS, meanwhile, has fast grown into the largest IT services firm in India, offering support in a variety of domains to clients across the country. Cisco is now looking to carve its own space in the mammoth market, particularly as it looks to undergo further transformations in the digital domain.

Currently, digital access amongst individuals and digital integration amongst businesses are both considerably high in India. Over the next half a decade, the country’s business environment is also expected to become familiar with 5G technology, a shift that could drive the country’s economy to $1 trillion by 2025.

TCS and Google to help Cisco with expansion in India

Cisco is looking to tap into this shift. “We will see a shift in 5G from B2C to B2B. Service providers currently see 25 percent revenues from enterprises and SMBs. 5G will shift more towards enterprises in industries like auto and healthcare,” explained President of Cisco India Sameer Garde.

To this end, the firm is looking to partner with both TCS and Google. With Google, the partnership entails the development of free public WiFi zones across Google Stations. A project in Bengaluru will represent a pilot engagement between the two firms, not only for India, but to mark the start of a global partnership.

With TCS, the firm is looking to establish Enterprise Cloud Centres across India. TCS is an ideal firm to partner with in this regard, given that the firm already has similar centres in 13 countries across the globe. The duo will look to launch the first centre in India as a collaborative effort.

TCS and Cisco have been offering joint solutions, and engineering teams have been working together. So far, TCS and Cisco were offering a global solution from India, now the launch will happen here as well,” said Garde.