Deloitte Digital and Oracle team up to support clients in India

19 September 2019 3 min. read
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Deloitte and Oracle have joined forces in India to support clients with customer data processing, using machine-learning and other analytical tools. The pair will leverage Oracle CX Unity and Deloitte Digital’s Hux connectivity platform to help clients integrate various aspects of their operations.

At a time when most businesses in India and across the globe have realised the value of digitalisation and begun targeted investments in that direction, quality customer service has emerged as the primary differentiating factor that can offer some semblance of a competitive advantage.

Deloitte and Oracle are looking to help businesses gain this competitive advantage, by ensuring internal coherence between various organisational operations, starting from back end operations and extending to each individual customer interaction. The firms’ focus is on using data as the foundation for growth.

Oracle brings its CX Unity Customer Intelligence Platform to the table, which collates customer input sources from the online, offline and third-party spheres to generate a comprehensive yet coherent customer profile. The platform is embedded in the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, which lends it openness and flexibility.

Deloitte Digital and Oracle team up to support clients in India

Deloitte’s contribution will come through its HUX platform, which operates on the principle that customers are constantly evolving entities that have dynamic preferences. The platform is designed to use technology, data and services to analyse a variety of customer interactions to help gain more familiarity with the customer.

The partnership is indicative, among other things, of Deloitte’s increasing involvement in India’s digital transformation journey. The firm has not only been ramping up its digital capacity in the country at a monumental scale, but leaders at the firm have emphasised the central position that India holds in the global economy.

Oracle leaders have also expressed their appreciation for India’s increasingly digitalised economy. “India is a priority market for us, for our CX cloud applications. CX Unity will enable Indian organisations to deliver contextually aware and highly personalised experiences that delight brands’ customers whenever and however they engage with a brand,” said Rakesh Jaitly, Senior Director of CX Sales at Oracle India.

“It will be cross-industry ready to support consumer marketing at scale (for B2C), accelerated account-based marketing (for B2B) and personalisation for their specific industry,” added Jaitly.

Tob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Oracle CX Cloud added, “Our industry often talks about the idea of a 360-degree view of the customer, but in reality, it is very difficult to get a comprehensive view into customer interactions across channels and applications.”