Accenture opens Experience Activation Centre in Mumbai

26 September 2019 3 min. read
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Global professional services firm Accenture has opened an Experience Activation Center (EAC) in Mumbai. The EAC joins the firm’s newly initiated Experience Activation Network (EAN) across the globe, which the firm believes to be "the world’s largest concentration" of marketing activation experts.

The new centre represents substantial scale, occupying two floors of the firm’s Intelligent Operations Centre in Mumbai. The centre will join the global EAN, which is a collection of innovation centres across the globe, managed by Accenture Interactive, and devoted to developing new branding and marketing solutions.

Accenture Interactive is a customer experience agency that is looking to support the transition towards experience-based competition. As businesses digitalise, consumer demands are growing in both intensity and uniformity, necessitating a focus on driving a powerful branding experience.

To this end, Accenture Interactive prides itself on being a hybrid branding and marketing agency, which offers a mix of business advisory, digital and creative services to create a holistic experience. The EAN is a tool to ensure that these services remain ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market.

Accenture opens Experience Activation Centre in Mumbai

Innovation is of the essence in this scenario, and the new EAC is fully equipped with facilities that are conducive to an innovative mindset, including ‘dedicated design thinking spaces, immersive demonstration zones and interactive digital surfaces.’ The centre will also be home to ‘open collaboration zones’ where clients can interact. Clients Accenture seeks to target consists primarily of internal marketing executives, who are looking to navigate an increasingly competitive consumer experience landscape. 

The new EAC in India represents Accenture’s growing prioritisation of the Indian market. The firm has lately been eating into the market share of some of the largest domestic IT services firms, and is looking to further consolidate this position. The launch of the centre was attended by some of the firm’s most senior executives worldwide, including Debra Polishook, CEO of Accenture Operations, who emphasised the significance of the launch.

“With the customer experience increasingly a driver of competitive advantage and sustained growth, the marketing function is emerging as a new organisational superpower. Our experience activation network is helping clients stay one step ahead of the convergence of the front and back office by enabling CMOs to transform their operating models and capitalise on the growth opportunity ahead of them,” she said.

Nikki Mendonça, President of Accenture Interactive Operations added, “Our experience activation network powers a marketing-led growth agenda by harnessing all the skills, assets and capabilities our clients need to activate, operate and scale customer experiences with greater speed, scale and agility.”