EY and Tribal Planet develop STEM platform for girls in India

16 October 2019 Consultancy.in 3 min. read

EY has worked in collaboration with California-based software company Tribal Planet to encourage girls in India to engage more in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) domains. The duo has designed an online education platform that can be accessed on mobile devices.

The platform – known as EY STEM Tribe – is aimed at developing STEM expertise amongst female students in India between the ages of 13 and 18 years. To this end, it is endowed with an interactive online education experience that is designed to make STEM learning more entertaining.

Parts of this holistic STEM experience include segments on modern day scientific issues such as climate change and space technology, as well as introductions to the tenets of Industry 4.0. These include artificial intelligence, 3D printing and blockchain technology, among a range of others.

EY STEM Tribe looks to kill two birds with one stone: helping to develop a future ready workforce in India, while simultaneously improving gender parity in the STEM domains. The business environment in India – much like the rest of the world – has been engaged in consolidated efforts to promote a more equitable workforce.

EY and Tribal Planet develop STEM platform for girls in India

However, these efforts have scarcely come to fruition. Recent studies have suggested that the route to better gender equality in India is to promote more female participation in the STEM domains, given that these areas currently govern the economy and have been traditionally male dominated in India.

EY's STEM Tribe platform

Girls participating on the EY STEM Tribe platform will be able to explore areas of interest within the broad STEM umbrella, and will be able to gain points upon completing certain modules and challenges. Tasks include interviews, experiments or attending virtual learning sessions.

Once these tasks are completed, ‘reward points’ earned by the students can be traded for special opportunities such as mentorship sessions, focused on preparing them to engage in the modern business environment. The platform is currently available on mobile devices in Delhi, and will soon be developed for devices in Atlanta and Seattle as well.

Commenting on the new platforms, Regional Managing Partner for EY India Rajiv Memani said, “As technology continues to shape the future, it has become imperative to provide equal opportunity for girls to pursue high-growth STEM careers. We are pleased to launch this global initiative in India that will enable STEM learning for 6,000 girls across 45 private and government schools in the Delhi National Capital Region, which has the potential to scale rapidly, empowering young girls to learn STEM in a pragmatic and contemporary manner.”

Dan Higgins, EY's Technology Consulting Leader added, “This platform will help girls to build a passion for STEM, learn new concepts and apply them in real life, and most importantly, will inspire even more girls across the world to embark on STEM careers. We purposely chose the themes and designed the platform to trigger real-life actions, where girls can reach out to their communities, individually or collectively, and make a greater impact on society.”

This initiative in India forms a part of the EY's global 'Women in Technology' movement, which aims at achieving gender parity in the technology space.