TCS iON launches command centre to help with exam administration

31 October 2019 2 min. read
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As a significant contribution to the education landscape, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has developed a Command Centre in Chennai that enables the monitoring of examinations and assessments across India. The command centre is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), allowing for efficient monitoring. 

The new command centre was developed by TCS’ flagship Learning and Assessment Platform TCS iON, which has previously been used to support India’s National Skill Development Corporation with rolling out skill programmes across India. The new project command centre focuses on an earlier stage of education.

The Chennai-based command centre can monitor examinations being conducted in as many as 6,000 centres across India, and is endowed with a number of special features for the benefit of adminstrators. TCS iON has developed a unique physical infrastructure to support the command centre, which can act as a foundation for the digital layers to be added by the AI-based monitoring system. 

Administrators can monitor examinations through more than 150 metrics, which allows them to predict and prevent inappropriate activity. They also have access to a CCTV feed of the exam centres, allowing them to keep track of candidate behaviour. Any breach of the rules results in an alert for administrators.

Using the information gathered, administrators can evaluate each centre for its exam-readiness, and make appropriate changes based on previous incidents. The command centre is also endowed with Internet of Things capabilities, which exam administrators can leverage to monitor the devices being used in centres across the country.

TCS has considerable experience in the domain of education. Aside from its involvement in the national skill development programme, the firm has also worked globally to deliver education programmes, leveraging hi-tech capabilities to make the experience more efficient and transparent.

Commenting on the latest project, Global Head of TCS iON Venguswamy Ramaswamy said, “The TCS iON Command Center at Chennai is truly a benchmark for real-time monitoring of multiple events during high-stake exams. This is our next leap to reimagine the exam monitoring process and assure fair and free exams at scale, even in the remotest locations within and outside India.” 

“This is aligned with our vision of making examination processes in the country secure and scalable. The real-time monitoring of the end-to-end examination process has been made possible through an interplay of digital technologies covering cloud, analytics, AI-driven algorithms, IoT frameworks and other high-end computational and image processing algorithms. By providing such 360-degree assurance, we aim to raise the bar for monitoring large scale exams,” he added.