Indigo Consulting to support Bluehost India with online communications

06 March 2020 3 min. read

Digital marketing consultancy Indigo Consulting is set to manage digital communications and social media for Bluehost India following an agreement between the two firms. Indigo’s other responsibilities under the agreement include online reputation management (ORM) services.

Bluehost is a global firm based in Massachussets that offers a range of cloud-based solutions, ranging from web hosting services to ecommerce management. Bluehost specialises in providing a simplified interface for WordPress management, through which it has facilitated more than 2 million websites globally.

The firm is a subsidiary of global IT services company Endurance international Group, and operates as Bluehost in the Indian market. Bluehost supports small and medium business owners with a variety of web-based services, including building an online presence, developing web prominence and social media outreach.

Indigo Consulting has now been tapped to guide Bluehost with this process in India, leveraging its own broad base of expertise in digital communications and marketing. Indigo’s services include website design, mobile marketing, web analytics, search engine optimisation and a number of others.

Indigo Consulting to support Bluehost India with online communications

The digital consulting firm has a number of high profile clients, which includes domestic firms looking to find the edge in a competitive market as well as international firms looking to consolidate their position in the rapidly growing economy. Major global firms in Indigo’s clientele include Home Credit and Garnier

According to Indigo, the partnership with Bluehost India will significantly boost its reputation as a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing and communications consultancy in India. The firm is looking to become a trusted partner for brands, particularly as the digital marketing advisory market grows increasingly competitive.

“We want Bluehost to be a partner to the fast-growing WordPress user community in India, and enable them to succeed online through our products and services. Our teams are looking forward to engage with the WordPress community to get feedback and continuously improve our products and solutions in order to simplify their need for online presence,” said Mitika Kulshreshtha, Vice President for Marketing in the Asia Pacific region for Endurance International Group.

The wave of startups emerging across India creates a conducive environment for website design, as entrepreneurs look to get their business up and running. The partnership will look to capitalise on this scenario going forth.