Anarock and Mace partner to support India's real estate sector

16 July 2020 2 min. read

Global consulting and construction services company Mace is partnering with Mumbai-based Anarock to adapt the delivery of construction services to post Covid-19 market conditions.

The pair understands that construction services will have to be reinvented in the wake of the crisis, to allow for maximum distancing and minimum interaction amongst workers. In light of a spending crunch across India and the rest of the world, costs will also have to be kept at a minimum for development projects to proceed.

Technology will have a large role to play in this scenario, and Mace and Anarock are looking to leverage their innovative capabilities to drive this change. Having signed a Memorandum of Understanding, the pair are looking to support “real estate developers and government agencies focused on infrastructure deployment,” according to Chairman at Anarock Anuj Puri.

Puri indicated that the new solutions will be deployed in a variety of real estate segments, including mixed-office properties, retail developments, residential developments, student accommodation, as well as industrial and manufacturing plants. Mace’s International Managing Director Davendra Dabasia indicated that the solutions will be comprehensive in nature.

Anarock and Mace partner to support India's real estate sector

“Our aim is to transform project delivery with an innovative approach to management and construction, helping our clients to accurately design, plan and deliver real estate assets. By collaborating with the leading real estate advisor on the Indian market, we are covering every stage of project delivery, integrating the full lifecycle of an asset with our combined expertise,” he said.

As explained, the new modes of operation might just be transformational, and inject much needed momentum into India’s crucial real estate and infrastructure sectors. With vast experience and large client pools, Anarock and Mace are well situated to offer this kind of support.

Anarock has experience delivering more than 400 projects across India since its establishment in 2017. During its short existence, the firm has entered a number of strategic partnerships to bolster its offerings to the India’s real estate segment. Mace, meanwhile, has established expertise in innovative construction services, operating with a team of 6,000 professionals across Europe, Asia and Africa.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Anarock, the company that has helped quality developers with their sales to now deliver the vital infrastructure the country needs. Our collaboration is grounded in a shared vision of India's post-crisis future, based on innovation and prosperity,” said Dabasia.