Swetha Kochar and Suresh Katla (PKC) launch book for retailers

03 October 2023 Consultancy.in 2 min. read
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Swetha Kochar and Suresh Katla, both partners at PKC Management Consulting, have launched a new book for executives in the retail industry.

Titled ‘20 Game-Changing Retail Strategies’, the book helps leaders understand the dynamics that play within retail organisations across the business. Building on their 25+ years of experience in the sector, the co-authors present tested and proven ideas that have empowered retailers to enhance their operating model and efficiency.

Swetha Kochar is a former McKinsey and KPMG consultant that has been with PKC Management Consulting for close to a decade. Suresh Katla has been with the firm for four years and is also a member of the partner team.

Swetha Kochar and Suresh Katla (PKC) launch book for retailers

“The Indian retail industry is rapidly changing with new consumer preferences and emerging trends. Retailers must adapt and transform to stay competitive. Simple strategies in sales, procurement, inventory, and finance can help retailers achieve exponential growth. With our new book, we provide leaders the insights needed to drive growth, improve margins and manage operations efficiently,” said Kochar and Katla.

Pratik Shah, Founder and CEO at Specsmakers Opticians, who received one of the first editions of the book, described ‘20 Game-Changing Retail Strategies’ as “a comprehensive guidebook that presents a series of highly effective strategies curated by industry experts. This book will help every retailer understand in detail each parameter of retail and manage their business more efficiently.”

Headquartered in Chennai, PKC Management Consulting is a 150-person advisory firm that specialises in four major verticals – finance transformation, process consulting, audit & assurance, and taxation. The firm works across sectors, with a focus on family-managed businesses.

About the authors

Swetha Kochar is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a management consultant by practice. Throughout her career, she has received several national awards including ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Women Achievers Award’. Kochar specialises in business strategy, transactions, and operational excellence. She is a well-known speaker at business forums.

Suresh Katla is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a management consultant by practice. He started his career at PKC Management Consulting and has eight years of experience within the retail, manufacturing, construction and food industries. He specialises in growth, business development, financial planning, and service delivery optimisation.