Isobar Commerce furthers global expansion with launch in India

15 March 2018 3 min. read
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Recognising the tremendous potential of India’s commerce and e-commerce sectors, global digital consultancy Isobar has launched its Commerce practice in India. The India practice will consist of over 150 specialists in the commercial domain, working alongside experts from a prominent design agency from the same network; Fractal Ink. 

Founded in 2003, and headquartered in London, Isobar is an international digital marketing firm that offers innovative consulting services in the domains of marketing and technology. In of itself, Isobar’s operations include 6,500 professionals, working across 85 locations in 45 countries across the globe.

More broadly, Isobar is a part of the extensive Dentsu Aegis Network of companies, which consists of 10 global brands and over 50 local brands operating in the domains of media and creative communications. The network operates in 145 countries spanning five continents, employing 40,000 people.

Building on its digital capabilities in the field of communications, Isobar launched a worldwide Commerce practice in July last year. The practice consists of more than a thousand specialists in commerce, and, at its inception, stretched across the Americas, the EMEA region, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Isobar Commerce India

The global practice leverages leading tech platforms to deliver solutions in the commercial space, spanning strategy, customer experience, data and technology implementation. The offering is bolstered by Isobar’s position as a Platinum Salesforce Partner, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, where the firm is the leader in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Now, eight months after the global launch of Isobar Commerce, the practice has been launched in the Indian market, which appears to suitably match the firm’s capabilities. India has a thriving cloud market, and a rapidly expanding consumer market. The transition of nearly a billion people to the online domain is driving growth for the e-commerce segment as well.

Isobar India will work with over 150 professionals with expertise in commerce, alongside 450 professionals from prominent design studio Fractal Ink. The design studio is highly active in the branding sector in India, and was acquired by the Dentsu Aegis Network in 2016. Specifically, Fractal Ink offers branding solutions based on user experience with a focus on interface design and digital applications. 

Commenting on the prospects of Isobar Commerce in India, Shamsuddin Jasani, Managing Director of Isobar India said, “The potential is huge. We will help companies leverage the ecosystem. A case in point is the Single Day sales in China which was worth $18-20 billion. Worldwide the e-commerce industry has gone through a boom, though it is still at a nascent stage in India, but the potential here is explosive.”