SAT Infotech and SUSE take ERP solutions partnership to the next level

16 March 2018 5 min. read
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After seven years of successful collaboration in the area of cloud-based and ERP systems, global IT consultancy SUSE has elevated Indian ERP firm SAT InfoTech to the status of Solution Partner; the highest level in SUSE’s Partner Programme. SAT InfoTech has been recognised for its set of highly skilled professionals, who have proved to be reliable over the years. 

German software firm SUSE was founded in Germany in 1992, originally as an acronym for Software und System-Entwicklung (Software and Systems-Development). The firm is most renowned as the first company to offer operating system Linux as an enterprise software, engaging in the development of the software and its distribution.

Over the years, the firm developed Linux upgrades from 1.0 to 4.2, becoming the leading Linux distributor in Europe in 1997, following which it immediately entered the North American market, and subsequently entered the Asia Pacific market by 1999. In 2011, the firm hit another landmark when it developed an enterprise server for SAP applications; the leading brand for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in the world. 

Currently worth more than $300 million, the firm now distributes in a wide range of markets, employing a total of 1000 people. A key feature of the firm’s distribution mechanism is its Partner Program. In order to develop local and customised solutions for clients across the world, the firm forms strategic partnerships with local firms that are most suitably matched.

Partners of the firm are hierarchically organised, and include resellers and system integrators, independent hardware and software vendors, training partners, and cloud service providers. SUSE’s global partnership network includes prominent names such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Lenovo and SAP.

In India, where the cloud market is exceptionally lucrative, the firm has been engaged in a strategic partnership with SAT InfoTech for seven years. Founded in 2005, SAT InfoTech is an IT solutions and consulting firm that specialises in four major operational domains, namely cloud management, software defined infrastructure, software as a service, and ERP services through a strategic partnership with SAP.

SAT Infotech and SUSE take ERP solutions partnership to the next level

During its partnership with SUSE, SAT InfoTech has supplied Indian organisations with SUSE Enterprise Storage, SUSE Openstack Cloud and SUSE Manager. The firm has its own cloud management platform by the name of KavsK, which enables it to distribute SUSE Linux to clients across sectors.

Level up

In recognition of the steady distribution and implementation of SUSE products, SAT InfoTech has now been elevated to the highest tier of SUSE partnerships: Solutions Partner. The title is only awarded to firms that have demonstrated skill in implementing SUSE products, and are willing to commit to the firm for future business development.

Commenting on the relationship between the firms, Rajarshi Bhattacharya, the head of SUSE’s India operations said, “SAT InfoTech has been one of our most valuable partners for the past seven years in India and delivered excellent results for our products. We are happy that SAT InfoTech has now attained Solution Partner level in our highly regarded SUSE Partner program. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications provides enduring opportuny for customers and with the portfolio SAT InfoTech has, it makes them perfect fit for our solution partner level.”

Mark Salter, Vice President for Channels at SUSE said; “SAT InfoTech bring with them a deep technical skillset, and have demonstrated a commitment to SUSE, by achieving the highest technical certifications available across Linux, Storage, OpenStack Cloud and Systems Management, making them one of our most highly skilled partners in India. We’re confident that by working together, our joint customers can get the most ROI from their SAP applications.”

Meanwhile, Managing Director at SAT InfoTech, Veera Swamy said, “We know we can trust SUSE. Through the implementations that we’ve done, we know that SUSE delivers superior high availability and resilience that our enterprise customer base demand from their ERP systems.”

The partnership will have significant competition in the cloud consulting space in India, which is currently occupied by industrial giants. Big Four firms EY and PwC have both launched cloud platforms in India by the names of Catalyst and Neomegha respectively. In different segments, Google launched a cloud consulting service in India last year, and IBM acquired a local cloud services firm with the similar intentions.