US-based strategy consultancy 1Rivet opens second offshore presence in India

04 April 2018 3 min. read

Virginia-based consulting firm 1Rivet has added another office to its offshore operations in India, situated in Valsad, Gujarat, near the firm’s existing locale in the country. The new office will host more than 100 employees, and will support the firm’s other office that hosts 1Lab: the firm’s R&D establishment.

Situated in the Indian state of Gujarat, Valsad is a small town, which US-based strategy consultancy 1Rivet appears to be making its own. The firm has opened its second office in Valsad, further consolidating its position as the largest tech employer in town. “We’re making a commitment to the Valsad community to build something lasting,” said CEO of 1Rivet, Eric Middleton.

The firm was founded in 2005 as a consulting firm, offering services in strategy, recruiting and outsourcing. Specific service lines of the firm extend into mergers & acquisitions, data analysis & integration, systems design, as well as support with key latter stages of business such as delivery and customer experience.

1Rivet has a decidedly IT-based orientation, employing digital techniques to improve solutions where possible. In search of cost-effectiveness, the firm began developing offshore capabilities in 2015, when it opened its first office in Valsad. Based on financial feasibility, skill-levels and a number of other criteria, India is widely considered the best location in the world for outsourcing.

US-based strategy consultancy 1Rivet opens second offshore presence in India

The consulting firm would be able to testify to this, reporting that the offshore development has cut the company’s tech-based expenditure by 50-70%. 1Rivet’s India office conducts IT operations, while also hosting the firm’s R&D operation known as 1Lab. At 1Lab, the firm experiments with the latest technology to construct optimal operational frameworks.

Encouraged by success in the India office, the firm is adding another outfit in Valsad, which will host 120 professionals and is equipped with a conference room and cafeteria. The local operation has been beneficial for young local professionals as well, who gain exposure to an international work environment.

“The second office will help us attract top talent,” said Middleton, while Vice President of Offshoring at 1Rivet, Hari Nair added, “Eighty percent of the Valsad student base migrates to other cities once they graduate. 1Rivet is providing a way for them to pursue their careers and stay close to home.”

Commenting on the flat organisational structure at 1Rivet, Nair said, “On our team, everyone is encouraged to contribute to the project and grooming new employees for senior roles is a key focus. If an idea comes from a junior developer, it’s brought to the table and discussed. If it makes sense, it’s adopted.”

1Rivet is not the only firm capitalising on the offshore benefits in India, with Cognizant establishing such an operation in 2015, and Jacobs launching an office in Mumbai late last year.