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In our business, we are as good as our people! Since we are growing fast, we are constantly looking for talented individuals who wish to become part of and help expand our platform.

Whether you are just out of university or a seasoned professional. If you want to create a lasting impact and work together with smart people from different backgrounds, Y could be the right place for you! So don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always open to start a conversation, even if there are no specific positions listed on our website. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


What we do
At Y we share an entrepreneurial mind-set, a compelling passion to create and, more importantly, a firm belief in our risk-sharing business model, which is embedded in our culture and safeguarded as we evolve.

We are a team of approx 150 passionate professionals with distinct personalities from various backgrounds and nationalities spread over 3 continents. We believe in the power of diversity and treasure and protect our culture with care.

Join us

Hiring process
Our mission is to enable our people and our business partners to realize their full potential.

Y is a fast growing firm focusing on strategy development, analytics, execution and partnerships. We currently have offices in Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona and New York. More openings are to be expected soon.

At YGroup Companies we do not have clients; instead we aim to develop true partnerships so that we can deliver tangible long term value. We are not limited by the current models of existing consulting firms.

We help our business partners to solve complex issues, capitalise on opportunities and transact as and when needed, thus forming bespoke and meaningful long term partnership. That’s what we do. That’s Y.

1. Coffee chat
Introduce yourself; we will tell everything about Y and answer all your questions

2. Fit interview
Show your motivation, experience fit and ace a brainteaser

3. Case interview
Prepare for a real life case interview where your problem solving skills will be assessed

4. Partner interview
Make a presentation for a client request and review your strategic thinking with two partners