Mavcomm Consulting to help Credit Sudhaar with branding profile

07 September 2018 3 min. read

Mumbai-based credit advisory firm Credit Sudhaar is looking to improve its communications profile and reputation in the Indian market, to which end it has now announced a partnership with public relations and branding consultancy Mavcomm Consulting. Among other things, Mavcomm will help promote the firm’s “Credit and Financial Health for One and All” campaign.

Literally translating to “improve credit,” Credit Sudhaar is a consulting firm that offers a variety of services to those looking to enhance their credit profile. Offerings from the firm include credit score evaluation, credit monitoring, credit score simulation, peer comparisons, and a number of others.

In addition, Credit Sudhaar offers data analytics-based assessments of what the firm terms as “credit health,” providing a holistic overview to its clients. The firm was founded in 2013, and operates on the principle that low credit scores are often the outcome of lack of financial awareness more than anything else.

Now, the firm is looking to promotes its brand and image across the Indian market. For help with this, the firm has called upon the services of branding and reputation consultancy Mavcomm Consulting – prestigious for its status as the only Indian member of the Global Communications Alliance.

Mavcomm was founded in 2006 as a public relations firm, catering to clients primarily from the finance and investor relations domain. The firm advises on growth and communications strategies, and has a global portfolio of clients, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Mavcomm Consulting to help Credit Sudhaar with branding profile

Commenting on the appointment of Mavcomm, Founder of Credit Sudhaar, Arun Ramamurthy said, “Credit Sudhaar is in a dynamic phase of business and we need our customers to understand what Credit Sudhaar really stands for. With our mission of 'Credit and Financial Health for One and All,' we have taken upon the task of bringing about awareness and literacy on importance of credit and financial health. Mavcomm Consulting will be a valuable partner in this endeavor with their grasp of the subject and their mindset of strategic use of communications while keeping the focus on delivery.”

Co-founder at the firm Gaurav Wadhwani added, “Our experience and interactions with the market has shown that the awareness of credit advisory services is really low. There is a tremendous scope of improving financial literacy of the masses and at the same time to service the segment which really requires financial support even if they don’t have enough credit history. We are sure that the Mavcomm Consulting team will help us in spreading this awareness.”

Meanwhile, CEO at Mavcomm Pranjal Dutta said, “We firmly believe that Credit Sudhaar has an interesting story to tell. With the millennials' focus on spending rather than saving, there has to be a cautionary note and guiding force on effective credit management. We aim to spread this message from Credit Sudhaar and at the same time inform people in financial distress that they too can get support. This is also a great addition to our Fintech vertical and we are excited to work with the Credit Sudhaar team.”

Credit Sudhaar's services are particularly relevant in the Indian market today, which is currently characterised by a huge amount of non-performing assets and loan defaults. A large portion of these are comprised of personal loans that have been disseminated on a faulty foundation.