Vastada Consulting launches ImPerfect Digital

21 April 2020 3 min. read
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Moving with the times, public relations (PR) consultancy Vastada Consulting has launched a digital tool to help companies manage their online branding. ImPerfect Digital is a marketing tool allowing businesses to capitalise on sustained online traffic. 

The new tool facilitates speedy digital transformation in the marketing sphere, and is available to businesses across India. Vastada Consulting’s team will work with brands to walk them through the entire digital marketing lifecycle, informed by their expertise in social media and digital innovation.

ImPerfect Digital will also leverage data analytics to help clients understand consumer preferences, all in a cost-effective manner. The timing of the launch is no coincidence, with the firm indicating in a statement that ImPerfect Digital is aimed at the new captive audience that has emerged online as a result of the lockdown.

India imposed a nationwide lockdown in late March, which was due to last till mid April but was then further extended till early May by the government, as it looks to contain the spread of Covid-19 across the country. Most of India’s workforce, as a result, has been transitioned to ‘work from home’ arrangements.

ImPerfect Digital, Vastada Consulting

Not only does this mean that a flurry of business activity has now shifted to the online sphere, but it has also generated significant consumer traffic online, as individuals find themselves online for longer hours. The entertainment sector is a direct beneficiary of this scenario, and Vastada Consulting is helping brands ensure that they also win out in the circumstances. 

The firm was established in Gurgaon in 2015 as a PR consulting firm, offering a wide variety of services to help businesses with their branding and online profile. This includes functions of business strategy, digital marketing, communications, market dynamics, market research and a whole range of others. The firm will now look to transition this suite of services to the online sphere through ImPerfect Digital.

Founder of Vastada Consulting Neha Yaduvanshi indicated that the solution will be an effective way for brands to navigate the current crisis. “We know how to succeed in the digital age and our knowledge of existing and emerging technologies help our clients stay at the front-line in their business. During this time of this global emergency, we want to make sure that your digital space doesn’t come to a standstill.”

“We use multiple marketing methods, technology-driven solutions, latest techniques, and result-oriented strategies, and we make sure we put our best in everything we create. We understand that during this pandemic it is difficult to arrange meetings but our specially chosen team of experts at ImPerfect Digital will work side by side with your brand, through phone calls, video calls and will make sure that we provide the most effective and scalable solutions, because with 100% customer satisfaction and our dedication to quality, our main goal is the success of each and every one of our clients,” she said.