TBWA India launches corporate culture consulting practice

12 May 2020 Consultancy.in 2 min. read
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Marketing and advertising agency TBWA India has launched a consulting practice aimed at supporting corporate leadership with creating a coherent organisational culture. The new practice operates as CEED Corporate Culture Consulting. 

CEED will help businesses explore the potential that a clear and unified company culture can have on their development. The firm will use culture as the red line that runs across a number of business units that perform a variety of functions, in order to make the organisation more coherent in its operations.

The consulting services are directed at company leaders and founders, and will be provided through workshops and training modules at the C-Suite and the senior managerial level. CEED also offers to take charge of leaders’ social media profile, in order to make communications align with the company culture and resonate with employees and stakeholders.

The new suite of services is further aimed at helping leaders maintain stability in their organisations as they transition to ‘work from home’ arrangements under Covid-19 conditions. Businesses are looking to keep their employees motivated, and communication is crucial to this end.

TBWA India launches corporate culture consulting practice

“The objective of CEED is to create a cohesive and engaged culture so that employees are driven towards achieving the same objective. The importance of internal culture becomes even more important in current times when peoole are working remotely as there is greater need to belong to a company's vision and goals,” explained Govind Pandey, chief executive at TBWA India. 

Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA India Subramanian Krishnan will head up CEED, supported by a team of human resources, brand management and communications experts. He indicated that CEED will take a creative approach to its services.

“CEED helps crystallise culture, and then articulates it across various touch points in an organisation - from conventional mediums like film and posters, to innovations like office interior design, apparel and rituals,” said Krishnan.

The move marks another addition to TBWA’s expanding scope and presence in India. In 2018, the firm first entered the consulting landscape in India through the launch of a dedicated ‘Disruption Consulting’ practice, aimed at ensuring that clients remain abreast of any new developments in their sector, and are prepared to respond with speed and efficiency.