Everest Group names TCS as leader in Software product Engineering

22 March 2018 Consultancy.in 4 min. read
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In the 2017 analysis of the state-of-the-art in software services and product engineering, market research firm Everest Group has named Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a market leader. Specifically, the firm has been recognised for its capacity in the Software Product Engineering domain. 

Founded in 1968, Indian consulting firm Tata Consultancy Services has gained substantial traction in the Indian consulting arena, now operating as an international firm and generating annual revenues of more than $17.5 billion and employing nearly 400,000 employees.

Among the range of services that the firm offers, perhaps its flagship vertical is its software and technology division. One of the TCS’ first projects was the delivery of an electronic deposit mechanism for a Swiss firm, demonstrating its affinity in the tech arena, further consolidated when it established a software R&D centre in India in 1980; among the first of its kind.

In recent years, the firm has adapted to the cloud environment in the country, ramping up its capabilities in the domain, and supporting major firms with transitions to cloud platforms. Major clients of the firm currently include Malaysian Airlines, which the firm is helping with a revamping of IT architecture, and Virgin Atlantic, with whom TCS has extended its 15-year long partnership for another five years.

However, while TCS is well entrenched in the software consulting domain of the country, it remains devoted to its roots in R&D. Late last year, the firm opened a Software Development Facility in Mumbai, with the capacity to accommodate 30,000 employees and equipped with the latest in technological development tools.

Now, the firm has been recognised for its outstanding service in the software domain, being named as a market leader by the Everest Group. Based in the United States, Everest Group is a consulting firm that lays heavy emphasis on market research in order to provide informed solutions, primarily in the management consulting domain.Everest Group names TCS as leader in Software product EngineeringBased on its comprehensive Performance, Experience, Ability, and Knowledge (PEAK) index, designed to measure the market-relevance and value of software service providers in an increasingly digitising market, Everest Group has conducted and assessment of 18 leading providers of Software Product Engineering (SPE) services across the globe.

The context of the research is the increasingly software-defined nature of services in all sectors, and the lack of internal talent in the domain that necessitates the employment of consulting services. TCS emerged as the leading vendor for SPE services based on a number of factors, including its flexible and multifaceted approaches to solutions, often employing best practices from a range of industries.

TCS’s SPE services stretch across the value chain, from initial conceptualisation to deployment and sustenance. To distribute SPE services, the firm makes use of two of its marquee products; TCS Mastercraft, which is an agile development operations platform, and  TCS Assurance 360 Degree, the firm’s AI-based mechanism.

Commenting on the recognition, Nagaraj Ijari, the Vice President & Global Head for the HiTech Business Unit at TCS said, “Our investments in building up talent in the areas of digital, agile, design thinking, and product engineering have led to a strong capability in SPE services. Our ability to leverage our domain expertise, contextual knowledge and strengths in next-gen technologies, positions TCS to partner with our customers in their software product development, digital platform engineering and next-gen themes. Our leadership position in this report is a validation of our standing as a trusted partner to our customers and the resultant market success we've had in the area of SPE services.”

Partner at the Everest Group, Chirajeet Sengupta said; “As a result of rapid digitalisation, software products need to be engineered at speed but also with new features and functionality built in. We have assessed TCS as a Leader in our PEAK Matrix for Software Product Engineering on account of its vision and ongoing investments in homegrown IP as well as in a broader partner ecosystem.”