TCS enters world of Agile with new cloud-based DevOps product

03 August 2018 3 min. read

Encouraged by a stellar year so far, Indian IT services giant Tata Consultancy Servcies (TCS) has jumped on the Agile bandwagon by launching a cloud-based agile development operations product by the name of Jile. The product has the capacity to incorporate Agile techniques in large-scale projects.

When it comes to digital services, perhaps no consulting firm in India is as prolific as TCS. Earlier this year, the financial reports revealed that TCS’ market capitalisation of a staggering $100 billion – a milestone achieved by only one firm before this – made it the largest IT services firm in the country by some distance.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the firm has now made a foray into the world of Agile operations – a phenomenon that has rapidly permeated the global business environment in recent years. Widely regarded as the latest revolution in the software development operations (DevOps) domain, based on broad principles of flexibility.

Basic tenets of the approach stretch across various aspects of operations, including a prioritisation of individual interactions over broader processes and tools, prioritising quality software over documentation, emphasizing customer collaboration over the negotiation of contracts, and being in a position to abandon one plan for another in the face of changing circumstances.

TCS’ new product, Jile, seeks to fully embed agile mechanisms into an organisation’s functioning. Essentially a cloud-based DevOps product, Jile assists with the design of reliable software, as well as with increasing the speed and efficiency of its delivery.

TCS enters world of Agile with new cloud-based DevOps product

The software development process will be aimed at facilitating companies’ transformation to business 4.0 enterprises, ensuring that the overall IT infrastructure is accurately aligned with broader organisational objectives. The product’s launch will be bolstered by the fact that TCS has already been recognised in the global market as a leader in Software Product Engineering.

Commenting on the new product, Mellinda Ballou, an expert on Agile technologies from IDC Research said, “Digital Transformation is real. DevOps ALM automation tools such as Jile can become key factors for transitioning companies to systemic Agile DevOps execution, supported by organizational and process change strategies. With the need for multiple releases per year for business-critical applications, products like Jile can be core enablers for the application development and delivery life-cycle.”

Business head for Jile at TCS, Vijayalakshmi Gopal said, “Business 4.0 is at the core of digital transformation globally and Jile is a significant aspect of our strategy to enable it. Jile is developed with a vision to inspire and empower every Agile team in their journey towards improving business processes through software.”

He added, “Jile is easy to try, buy and use, offering a unique, intuitive and simplified user experience. Jile can help globally distributed Agile teams to continuously innovate, build and deliver the best in the shortest possible time.”