Bain's India practice has grown into the most successful in its global network

22 March 2019

A recent interview with global management consultancy Bain & Company’s Global Managing Partner Manny Maceda has revealed that the success of the firm’s India practice is unparalleled throughout Bain’s global network. Bain India grew by 50% more last year than in 2017.

In an interview with the Economic Times, the global head has confirmed what has been apparent in recent years, – that Bain is tremendously successful in India, so much so that the firm’s entry into India is exemplified within the Bain network as the epitome of penetration in a new market.

Bain first entered the Indian market in 2006 with four people – including Sri Rajan at the helm – and has since expanded so rapidly that it has become the fastest growing practice in the firm’s history. When Karan Singh took over as Managing Director in 2015, he asserted that he only anticipated more growth in the firm’s future.

Singh’s predictions appear to have come true, given that the growth story has continued steadily through last year. According to Manny Maceda, the upward trajectory will persist in the near future, particularly as the firm looks to adapt to the rapidly expanding digital environment in India.

Bain's India practice has grown into the most successful in its global network

Consistent with efforts across the consulting industry, the firm has been developing its capabilities in the Industry 4.0 domain, to which end it has been recruiting professionals with digital skills. The recruitment drive that has ensued has given the Indian practice a central role in Bain’s global network.

Over the last two years, Bain India has become the only practice in the firm’s history to recruit more people that Bain did in the US, which has been additionally facilitated by the firm's attractiveness as an employer. The growth has also been a consequence of competition within the Indian market, given that the Big Four as well as McKinsey & Company are also engaged in growing their India practices.

According to Maceda, the reason for this focus on India is a combination of a rapidly growing economy that has resulted in a growing middle class and a flourishing consumer market, as well as a regulatory environment that is increasingly conducive to business and foreign investment.

“Now there’s a track record that you can monetise the India opportunity and the company that grows here can win elsewhere. The reforms in the last few years have created more confidence in the outside world that this is a place where we can do business and there is some predictability that regulation won’t turn against us,” said Maceda to the Economic Times.


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Nitesh Sahay relocates to Marketscience Consulting's London office

23 April 2019

Nitesh Sahay, managing director and associate partner at Truesight Consulting, has relocated to the UK to support Marketscience founder Peter Cain with expanding the firm’s footprint in Europe. Sahay will work with UK-based clients as well as those in India.

New York-based Truesight Consulting was established in 2017 and launched in India in only February last year under Nitesh Sahay, who was appointed the firm’s Managing Director in the country. The New Delhi practice was established as a hub for the firm’s operations across Asia.

Sahay is a graduate in Economics from Delhi University as well as Jawaharlal Nehru University, and has worked at a number of high profile firms throughout his career, which spans nearly two decades. He began his career in economic research, before joining GE Capita International as a Business Analyst.

He has been a Researcher and a Project Manager at Universite Laval in Canada, following which he worked for a year as a Senior Economist at Datamonitor. His first managerial position came during a three-year spell at Symphony Marketing Solutions, following which he joined Ninah Consulting.Nitesh Sahay relocates to Marketscience Truesights London office spot

Over nearly a decade at Ninah, Sahay ascended to the position of Regional Director for the Asia Pacific Region, during the period becoming acquainted with David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro, who later broke off to established Truesight Consulting in 2017. They later brought Sahay on board.

The firm has since been expanding gradually, and entered a strategic partnership with London-based marketing consultancy Marketscience Consulting last year. The firm specialises in econometric modeling and statistical analysis to offer customised solutions to clients across various sectors.

Sahay has now been relocated from the New Delhi office to the London office, where he joins founder of Marketscience Peter Cain in his efforts in innovative product development. “Sahay’s move to London speaks a lot about the way we are growing and what we want to achieve as a company,” said David Dixon.

Sahay himself added, “Not only are we bringing transparency to black-box analytics, but we’re training clients and helping them successfully integrate marketing analytics software and modeling in-house. We don’t just give our clients the best tools to work with, we also help them use and integrate that tool smoothly and effectively to ensure success.”