KPMG to help Zee Entertainment Enterprises with skills programme

16 August 2019 3 min. read

Zee Entertainment Enterprises has launched a large-scale learning & development programme for its 450 front line managers. Big Four accounting and advisory firm KPMG has been brought on board to help with the design, development and deployment of the Embark programme.

The new programme represents the growing emphasis that organisations in India are placing on human resource (HR) strategies as the key to business success. In its programme, Zee Entertainment Enterprises operates on the principle that front-line managers play a crucial role in helping boardroom strategies being translated into tangible results on the ground.

In its analysis, KPMG has repeatedly reiterated that people lie at the heart of the modern organisation, and that developing meaningful HR policies supporting talent with realising theoir potential are significant contributors to success in the contemporary business environment.

Together with the professional services firm, Zee Entertainment Enterprises will host more than 25,000 hours of training for 450 front-line managers in the organisation, placing it amongst the largest of such initiatives in India's media & entertainment sector. The company is looking to tackle the disruption from all directions – including online channels and the rise of the BigTechs – by developing robust and flexible talent within the organisation.

KPMG to help ZEEL with two-year skill-development programme

Central to this objective is the development of digital skills among Zee Entertainment Enterprises staff, given the anticipated demand for such skills in the near future. In addition, employees at the organisation will be equipped with behavioural and technical skills over four phases of the training programme.

Not only is the programme designed to develop skills within the existing workforce, but it also aims at creating a culture at the organisation wherein high quality talent can be recognised and integrated within the firm. Embark is looking to create a culture of managerial quality within Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

Commenting on the programme, Animesh Kumar, the Chief People Officer of Zee Entertainment Enterprises said, “It will be a seven-month intervention which will include seven to eight days of classroom training, skill-drills, role-play, webinars and e-reads across touch-points to help build their managerial capabilities.”

Girish Menon, Partner at KPMG and the firm’s Lead for the Media & Entertainment industry group added, “As a business and a strategic imperative, organisations in the media industry must incorporate new-age and holistic learning designs that act as catalysts to enable them to build the right capabilities.”