Neudesic expands India presence through new Innovation Centre

18 September 2019 2 min. read
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US-headquartered IT consultancy Neudesic has established its second Innovation Centre in Hyderabad, continuing its expansion in the Indian market. The firm has two other Innovation Centres in Bengaluru and Kochi, and is looking to nearly double its employees in India over the next year or more.

Neudesic was founded in 2002 in Irvine, California, and has since expanded into an IT consultancy with a substantial global profile. The firm’s suite of services is centred in the digital sphere, and includes application development, systems integration, DevOps and cloud services.

As part of its Asia and offshore strategy, Neudesic is seeking to consolidate its presence in the Indian market. With a low-cost work environment, a substantial and increasingly tech-savvy population, and an expansive pool of digital talent, India represents the ideal breeding ground for innovative digital advancement and experimentation.

Neudesic is looking to foster an innovative environment in India and develop world class digital solutions. Specifically, the new Innovation Centre will work on developing solutions for the healthcare and utilities sectors, given the high demand for digital solutions in these industries.

Neudesic expands India presence through new Innovation Centre

The scale of utility infrastructure is monumental in terms of logistics and management, generating significant demand for digitalising an increasing share of the operations. Healthcare, meanwhile, is a rich sector for digital development in areas such as data mining, clinical diagnoses and self-monitoring devices, among a range of other applications.

“Healthcare is going digital. Our clients possess mountains of ERP (enterprise resource planning) data to process. We are aggressively pursuing digital customer transformation across the healthcare space,” said Joel Jolly, Director for Technology at Neudesic.

Ashish Agarwal, the CEO of Neudesic, meanwhile, elaborated on the firm’s overall development. “We have about 450 employees in India. This will grow to 750 employees in the next 12-18 months. We have 225 employees between the two centres in Hyderabad. We will double this to 450-500 in the next 12 months,” said Agarwal.

On the innovative atmosphere, the CEO added, “The employees need not look for outside support to fund their initiatives. They will get all the support to transform their ideas into products and solutions. We are currently running pilots in the healthcare space in the last three-four months. We have already started supporting a couple of initiatives.”

Hyderabad is seeing its standing as a tech ecosystem grow in recent years. many of the globe's and India's largest digital services firms are eyeing the southern city as a hub for digital innovation and development, establishing technology centres in the region.