Cognizant's global CEO comments on the firm's growth in India

02 October 2019 3 min. read
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Cognizant’s global CEO Brian Humphries has in discussion with the Times of India (ToI) elaborated on the importance of India as a driver of growth for the firm’s global operation. The comments come shortly after the global digital solutions firm surpassed the 200,000 employee mark in India.

The firm has recognised India’s importance as a hub for technological development. India has been a global source of IT-based talent for some decades now, while rapid economic growth and an overall increase in prosperity are driving rapid digitalisation of the economy as well.

To cater to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer, businesses in India are investing strongly in digital transformations. Major consulting firms such as Cognizant with a grounding in tech have come into high demand in this scenario. The go-to strategy for many of these firms has been to invest in building a digitally adept talent pool.

Big Four accounting and advisory firm Deloitte’s global CEO Punit Renjen recently stressed how India is set to play a central role in the firm’s development in years to come. The comments came on the back of a substantial hiring spree in India, where the firm doubled the headcount in its Hyderabad office from 40,000 to 80,000.

Cognizant Global CEO comments on the firm's growth in India

Cognizant has also been on a substantial hiring drive in India recently, which has taken its headcount in the country past the 200,000 mark. After Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – which has a headcount of more than 400,000 – Cognizant is only the second IT services firm in India to reach the milestone. 

Brian Humphries, who took over as Cognizant’s global CEO in April, has highlighted that the milestone is representative of the high priority that India holds in its global operation. Humphries has described Cognizant’s India practice as a “jewel” and a “hub of our global delivery, solutioning and innovation.”

ToI reports that Humphries sent out a note to its staff, which reads “We are fortunate to have many talented and engaged colleagues in India, more than 200,000 in all, who excel at serving our clients. The bright future of Cognizant India will see us building the industry's most admired delivery engine, blending efficiency with innovation.”

Humphries has also debunked talks of the firm laying off a significant portion of its staff in India, as part of global cutbacks. According to Humphries, the only change that is expected to the firm’s workforce is a rearrangement of the talent that is prioritised during the recruitment and training process.