PeopleStrong welcomes former Aon CEO Sandeep Chaudhary

14 November 2019 4 min. read
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Work-tech company PeopleStrong has announced the appointment of former Aon CEO Sandeep Chaudhary to its board as a President. The appointment is aimed at attracting world-class talent to the firm’s India and Asia practices as it continues targeted efforts towards growth in the region.

Chaudhary has a wealth of experience in the consulting and business advisory space, as well as in the human resources (HR) domain. A graduate of the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, he began his professional career as a Consultant at global staffing & recruitment agency Amrop.

He left Amrop for Watson Wyatt, where he spent nearly two years as a Senior Consultant before leaving to join Aon. Chaudhary spent the next 17 years of his career at Aon, holding a number of positions on his way up to the CEO level. These include Senior Consultant & Industry Leader in the Industrial space and Principal & Practice Leader for Performance & Rewards.

Prior to taking over as CEO in 2014, he was Partner & Practice Leader at the Performance & Rewards segment for all of the Asia Pacific region. Over the course of his career, he has come to be known as an expert on human capital development and HR solutions. His expertise in the HR space combined with his prior experience working across the Asia Pacific region have made him an attractive prospect for PeopleStrong’s board.

Peoplestrong welcomes former Aon Hewitt CEO Sandeep Chaudhary

Based out of the National Capital Region in India, PeopleStrong is an HR services firm that has been providing solutions to clients across India for more than a decade now. The firm has moved with the times, evolving its suite of services to focus on the potential of technology in HR.

PeopleStrong boasts a number of products ranging from HR tech and human capital management tech to HR chatbots and learning technology. These tech-based products align the firm’s service offerings strongly with contemporary market needs, poising the firm to embark on a growth drive.

Commenting on Chaudhary’s appointment, PeopleStrong Co-Founder and CEO Pankaj Bansal said, “These are exciting times for PeopleStrong. Our business has been growing at a tremendous pace in India, with us adding enterprise customers at a rate that is almost double what we did last year. The emerging Asian markets have been very welcoming and will grow to be a significant part of our business in the next few years. Sandeep’s ability to deliver growth with a large-scale impact, his customer-centric and inclusive approach, makes him a great addition to PeopleStrong. Supporting our growth ambition, Sandeep will also help us attract and build a world-class team.”

Chaudhary himself added, “I am very impressed with PeopleStrong’s products suite, team capability, and its culture. HR Tech Market in Asia is at an interesting cusp as the conversation shifts from HR to “Work” and employees to “Workers,” PeopleStrong is best positioned to lead this transition in the emerging world. It is an exciting time to be part of this journey, with a brand and team that has time and again led innovation in this space. I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

In the Indian context, experts have long stressed the importance of HR in the functioning of any organisation. While most businesses in the country have digitalised a large share of their operations, there has been little change in the HR function, as the field continues to be viewed as an administrative segment.

Most advisory firms have called for the evolution of HR to become more meaningful, flexible and customised to individual organisational needs, leveraging the potential of technology to ensure that the workforce can strive towards its full potential, while maintaining employee satisfaction. PeopleStrong is looking to be an integral part of this process.