Fast growing Magistral Consulting expands internationally

25 August 2020 2 min. read
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Gurgaon-based financial research consultancy Magistral Consulting has been going from strength to strength since it was established in 2018, and has now added sales offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Oslo and Singapore to its expansive operations.

Despite the ongoing economic crisis, the firm has been clocking month-on-month revenue growth of 30%, and is doubling its revenue rate every four months. The firm’s team of 50+ analysts currently serves more than 500 clients across global markets, and has managed $1.5 billion worth of transactions over its short three-year existence.

Founder at Magistral Prabhash Choudhary has attributed this growth to the firm’s vast and highly differentiated range of outsourcing services, which are centred in financial research and analysis. Magistral specialises in private and public equity investment analysis, deal sourcing, merger & acquisition advisory, fund strategy, due diligence and portfolio management, among a range of other services.

Magistral’s clients are spread across the globe, and include private equity firms, venture capitalists, hedge funds, asset management firms, real estate and infrastructure funds and even family businesses. The firm’s outsourced team essentially works as an extension of the on site team, giving it an integrated delivery model.

New York, San Francisco, London, Oslo and Singapore

“Our focus is on delivering exceptional client value and experience. Revenue growth and profitability are just the by-products of remarkable client value, and the secret sauce to that is our people and the unique organisational culture,” explained Choudhary.

In setting up Magistral Consulting, Choudhary has leveraged years of experience in the consulting space, marking an illustrious career. Choudhary has been a Senior Consultant for Strategy & Operations at Deloitte Consulting, and a Manager for Management Consulting at Accenture Strategy. A number of Fortune 500 companies have featured on his client list over the years.

Prior to starting Magistral, Choudhary was the Head of Research and Data at Murdoch-family-owned News Corp in India for nearly a year. According to him, years of experience with clients across the world have given him a strong foundation to drive success at Magistral.

“As a leader, my job is to make sure the quality that the Magistral team delivers is top-notch and can be compared with the best out there. Growth and profitability are just a certain byproduct of delivering consistent quality,” he said.

Magistral is growing at a time when most economies are in the same boat of uncertainty and damage control. The firm’s strong base in India will position it to help the reopening of the economy here, while its value added outsourcing services will keep it in demand across the global market.