Indian IT group Cyient buys Australian consultancy IG Partners

01 September 2020 3 min. read
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Cyient, a publicly listed Indian IT services group, has acquired IG Partners – an Australian consulting firm specialised in the mining industry.

Cyient offers technology solutions that promote operational efficiency, asset optimisation and digital transformation. The firm was founded in 1991, and has since grown into a global operation with a team of more than 15,000 professionals spread across 20 countries – including several in the US and Europe.

The firm’s engineering and tech optimisation solutions come in handy for a number of sectors, including aerospace, defence, healthcare, telecommunications, rail transportation, industrial and energy. The latest acquisition of IG Partners – for an undisclosed sum and subject to regulatory approval – is aimed at bolstering the firm’s presence in Australia’s key mining and energy markets.

IG Partners’ suite of services is grounded in organisation architecture & transformation, supply & value chain optimsation and asset & operations management. Focus areas are very much labour and capital intensive industries such as mining, oil & gas and energy. Since launching in 2015, the firm has delivered projects in Australia, South America, South Africa and the UK.

Indian IT group buys Australian consultancy IG Partners

Over the years, IG Partners has accumulated an illustrious client base, which includes several Fortune 500 companies. This global scope, combined with a solid presence in Australia’s market, made IG Partners an attractive option for Cyient.

Home to the world’s largest mining companies, Australia’s natural resources and energy markets are among the most lucrative. According to Cyient CEO Krishna Bodanapu, the gradual digitalisation of these sectors is a significant opportunity for Cyient, particularly with IG Partners’ expertise in the mix.

“Mining is an important focus industry and Australia a strategic region for Cyient’s growth. The mining industry is getting transformed with convergence of digital technologies. With this investment, the powerful synergy of Cyient’s digital execution capabilities and IGP’s advisory expertise creates a unique value proposition for the industry,” he said.

Cyient is expected to retain the core personnel of IG Partners after the deal closes, which includes more than 60 partners, consultants, project managers, staff and specialised contractors. Founder and Managing Partner at Cyient Herman Kleynhans welcomed the move, lauding the alignment in fit between the two firms.

“This acquisition is a transformative moment us. In joining Cyient, we see tremendous synergies in supporting our customers' benefit from Industry 4.0. The combination of Cyient's leading engineering and technology solutions and IG Partner's mining and utilities expertise uniquely positions us to support value and productivity breakthroughs leveraging digital technologies,” he said.