Wipro to invest $1 billion in AI over the next three years

11 July 2023 Consultancy.in 2 min. read

IT services group Wipro has reserved a $1 billion war chest for its investments in artificial intelligence, aimed at beefing up its capabilities for clients and internal teams – backed by an upskilling training program for its 250,000 staff globally.

The massive investment will see Wipro invest significantly in its artificial intelligence (AI) consulting, technology capabilities and solutions.

Wipro’s Chief Executive Officer Thierry Delaporte said that the investment will help enable the company to better supports its clients on embracing and adopting AI. “Artificial Intelligence is a fast-moving field. Especially with the emergence of generative AI, we expect a fundamental shift up ahead, for all industries.”

Wipro to invest $1 billion in AI over the next three years

Upskilling its workforce is an integral part of the investment. By equipping its workforce with the necessary skills, Wipro will enable employees to adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape and tap AI for improving processes and their daily job.

Meanwhile, Wipro also aims to make use of AI in its own company operations, focused on streamlining processes, beefing up knowledge management, and speeding up innovation. “Our goal is to incorporate artificial intelligence into every facet of the company’s business practices,” said Delaporte.

At the core of the AI transition is ai360, an ecosytseem that is meant to “empower our talent pool and be ubiquitous across all our operations and processes, as well as our solutioning for clients,” stated Delaporte.

The ai360 project will bring together 30,000 Wipro experts in data analytics and AI with the company's technology and advisory ecosystem from several global business lines, including: cloud and partnerships; data, analytics, and AI; design and consulting; cybersecurity; and engineering.

Additionally, a key component of the Wipro ai360 ecosystem will be the innovation hub Lab45, which will offer clients the size, talent, training, research, and co-innovation capabilities necessary to boost the adoption of artificial intelligence (and more advanced technologies such as machine learning) within their own boundaries.

Wipro will further introduce its GenAI Seed Accelerator program, which will train a select group of GenAI-focused businesses to be enterprise-ready.