Indian professionals most confident about Generative AI

02 July 2024 2 min. read

India is the most optimistic and least worried about Generative AI (GenAI) when it comes to implementation in the workplace. That is according to a report from Boston Consulting Group, which gauged attitudes on GenAI in companies around the world.

Organizations have for years been experimenting with how to implement AI tools into their businesses to help cut costs, boost efficiency, and conduct analysis. Now, as Gen AI technology matures, companies are moving beyond pilots and are integrating it into core business functions.

India was among a handful of Global South nations that was far more optimistic about GenAI in the workplace than their European and North American counterparts.

Indian professionals most confident about Generative AI

Other nations that were significantly more confident about GenAI include Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, and Middle Eastern countries.

This new technology was also used more frequently by employees in the Global South. The study shows that among frontline employees, who make up one third of the professionals surveyed, those in the Global South use GenAI more regularly. The same goes for managers and more experienced leaders.

Indian professionals most confident about Generative AI

There are real benefits to implementing GenAI tools in the workplace. A total of 84% of those polled say that it saves them time, with a majority also noting it helps to improve the quality of their work.

The Global South is also benefiting more than the Global North when it comes to time saved thanks to GenAI. Across the board – from employee experience to productivity – employees in India are among those benefiting the most from GenAI.

Indian professionals most confident about Generative AI

Much of the apprehension about GenAI in the Global North is linked to fears that AI will eliminate jobs, privacy or safety concerns, or concerns about quality and accuracy of content generated through AI.

Besides that, some companies seem to prefer holding off on implementation of AI tools until the technology is more fully mature – and until it becomes more clear what impending regulation will look like. Regulations on the use of AI are being crafted around the world – including notably in the EU – and there is a high chance companies will need to later adjust their strategies in order to remain compliant.

A previous report showed how GenAI could help to transform India's economy. India has already seen a major uptick in GenAI and AI-powered startups, with retail, financial services, payments, and ecommerce the most active domains.