Facebook names Bengaluru based RainMan Consulting as MMM partner

29 December 2017 Consultancy.in 2 min. read

Indian marketing analytics firm RainMan consulting has formed a partnership with social media giant Facebook, based on marketing mix modeling (MMM). The firm becomes one of the first in India, as well as across Asia, to form such a partnership with Facebook. 

Founded in 2009, RainMan Consulting is a privately held marketing analytics and consulting firm located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Among a range of services, the firm conducts CRM analytics, campaign management, retail analytics, optimisation, and media deep dives. These services are provided by using existing databases to build statistical models to explain input-output relationships. 

While the firm uses state of the art technology to provide a number of services, one of its strongest verticals lies in the MMM arena. In essence, MMM is a tool for measuring outcomes of marketing tactics, primarily through complex statistical analyses such as multivariate regressions and marketing time series data.

Facebook names Bengaluru based RainMan Consulting as MMM partner

As stated by co-founder at RainMan Consulting, V Balasubramanium, “One of the core priorities of RainMan is to bring in more digital insights for its clients, as its contribution in the overall marketing mix is increasing across Asia.“ The expertise has produced its dividends, most recently in the form of a partnership with Facebook.

Under the MMM partnership with Facebook, RainMan Consulting will have access to clients’ proprietary information on the Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network platforms in Asia. This data will then be incorporated into the firms future analytic engagements, thereby delivering deep insights into market trends.

The partnership comes amid a rapidly expanding digital arena in India, where online marketing is an enormous market, and is expected to grow enormously over the next half a decade.