IBM boosts Salesforce offering in India through launch of Bluewolf

07 March 2018 4 min. read
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In light of an ever-expanding cloud landscape in India, global technology solutions firm IBM has boosted its Salesforce practice in the country through the launch of its subsidiary Bluewolf. IBM already deals with nearly 200 Salesforce customers in India; a number that is expected to jump in years to come.

Founded in 1999, Salesforce is a cloud-based computing and software firm, headquartered in San Francisco in the US. The firm’s flagship product, and one that generates the majority of its nearly $9 billion in revenues, is its cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, which is the best of its kind in the world.

In order to distribute the Salesforce platform, the firm forms strategic partnerships with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), who then have access to the leading resources, training, tools, and opportunities to design their applications on the world’s leading cloud platform.

One such partner in the consulting space is Bluewolf, a New-York-based consulting firm that offers Salesforce-based solutions to companies in the customer experience domain. The firm has been operational for 16 years, during which time it has achieved 1,200 Salesforce certifications and a customer satisfaction rating of 9/10.

Bluewolf is expansive in its set of clients, ranging from small firms to large corporations, and versatile in its solutions, from innovation to implementation. In terms of Salesforce, the firm differentiaties itself through the speed and efficiency of its delivery, boasting 50% quicker Salesforce deployment time through its unique delivery solution by the name of Bluewolf Sightline.

IBM boosts Salesforce offering in India through launch of Bluewolf

The Bluewolf operation is substantial, spreading across 37 countries. In 2016, the entirety of this operation was acquired by global technology solutions giant IBM, to bolster its Salesforce capabilities. Since then, IBM has forged a global partnership with Salesforce itself to develop the application of artificial intelligence to the cloud-based solutions.

As a substantial boost to this new partnership, IBM has now launched Bluewolf in India, where the cloud market is expanding significantly. A considerable portion of the Indian population is now digitally active, and firms are rushing to leverage cloud-based solutions to tap into the highly lucrative market.

IBM’s India operations, which recently overtook its US outfit in terms of employee-count, will hope to use Bluewolf’s efficient delivery capabilities to feed the vibrant telecom industry, as well as the substantial financial services sector. Alongside big corporations, the firm intends to offer thorough solutions for small and medium enterprises as well. Currently, IBM has between 100 and 200 Salesforce customers in India, which will jump significantly following the introduction of Bluewolf.

As elucidated by Lula Mohanty, Managing Partner at IBM, “We see a huge opportunity to help companies in their digital transformation... We have already trained about 400- 500 people in the Bluewolf practice and will further scale that up.” 

In addition, the firm plans to establish a Bluewolf Garage in India, which will lay emphasis on innovation and devising complex solutions for clients in India, as well as across the world. As per senior executives at IBM, the availability of quality Salesforce capabilities will increase upward mobility for small firms willing to embrace the technology.

Commenting on the launch, Senior Vice President of IBM’s Global Business Services, Mark Foster said, “The increasing market demand for Salesforce demonstrates an equally compelling need for Bluewolf. Together, IBM and Bluewolf have deep expertise enabling design-driven transformation on Salesforce across sales, service, marketing, and IT,”