KPMG India and UiPath partner to offer solutions in robotics and automation

01 August 2018 3 min. read

Global professional services firm KPMG has been ramping up its operations in the automation domain in India recently, and the latest development in this strategy is a partnership with UiPath – a New-York-based software firm specialising in the sphere of robotic process automation (RPA) ­– to offer automated solutions. 

A large exodus from KPMG’s advisory wing in India last year was undoubtedly a blow to its operations, but also presented an opportunity for it to rebuild in the country, which it did in accordance with the market-wide tendency towards automation, Internet of Things, and other industry 4.0 components. AI and automated technologies have the potential to contribute as much as $1 trillion to India's economy over the next two decades. 

Currently, the Big Four firm’s India advisory arm offers general consulting as well as solutions in the implementation and point domains, such as chatbots, online know-your-customer mechanisms, and automated invoice processing. The firm caters to a range of industries that are best suited for automation, including IT, retail, information & analytics, telecom, and a number of others. 

KPMG also plans to establish a Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru catering to its Intelligent Automation services arm, wherein the firm develops automated solutions of varying degrees of permeation into organisational functions. The firm has now partnered with US-based RPA specialist firm UiPath to further bolster these operations.

KPMG India and UiPath partner to offer solutions in robotics and automation

At the core of its operations, UiPath offers an RPA platform – consisting of user interfaces and software bots that are designed to execute traditionally human tasks – that forms the foundation of over 1,500 public and private entities across the globe. The firm operates with inputs from over 120,000 developers, forming an international RPA community of sorts.

KPMG will work with UiPath to find areas for value generation for its clients, leveraging the latest in automated solutions to improve overall organisational agility, enhance operational and procedural speed and accuracy, and eliminate redundancies with the ultimate objective of cutting costs.

Commenting on the partnership, Sales Leader at UiPath Manish Bharti said, “We are excited about our partnership with KPMG. This alliance will bring two unique capabilities and offerings to customers –consulting prowess coupled with deep industry knowledge from KPMG. Our partnership will lead to product innovations from UiPath that yield higher productivity, improved efficiency, and greater cost savings for customers. We are geared to automate more with KPMG.”

Head of KPMG India’s Intelligent Automation arm, Kalpana Balasubramanian said, “We believe in the ‘higher purpose of empowering change’ in our clients and communities. Intelligent Automation requires a coordinated strategic response from the enterprise. With the firm’s wide range of capabilities across tax, cybersecurity, analytics, and industry expertise, we are ideally placed to provide value to our clients with the right choice of technology partner.”