Elixir Consulting appoints new Executive Director for India business vertical

15 January 2019 Consultancy.in

In order to fuel its growth strategy in India’s expanding market, international HR consultancy Elixir Consulting has appointed a new Executive Director for India. Maya Nair has over a decade of professional experience in the advisory world, and will take charge of the Elixir business vertical. 

Nair holds a degree in Labour Laws as well as an MBA in Human Resources from the University of Kolkata. She began her professional career in the field of HR, joining the Manaksia Group in Kolkata as an HR Executive, where she not only helped with policy formulation but also participated in HR awareness sessions.

This will be her second stint at Elixir Consulting, the first coming in 2003 when she joined the firm as an Associate Director in the Web Solutions department. Over her six years at the firm, Nair focused on business development activities including market research, development of corporate clientele and customised strategy formulation.

Since 2013, Nair has been engaged at global IT giant IBM, where she has ascended to the position of Social Media and Agile Leader. She engaged in strategy formulation at IBM as well, with the specific objective of ensuring a reflective and successful recruitment process at the firm.

Elixir Consulting appoints new Executive Director for India business vertical

Over the course of her career, Nair’s expertise has evolved beyond HR to incorporate social media strategy, client servicing and sourcing, planning for talent acquisition and leadership among several others. Fluent in Japanese, she also possesses the skills to reach out to key allies east of the Indian market.

She now joins Elixir again in the capacity of Executive Director for India – a market which is on a rapid growth trajectory, but has demonstrated shortcomings in the domain of concrete HR policy. Amid a changing workforce, talent management is becoming of essence for Indian firms, particularly as the profile of skills required is evolving at an increasing rate.

Commenting on her appointment, Country Manager for the GI Group in India, Marcos Segador Arrebola said, “We are pleased to have Maya join our team to take forward our next growth chapter. As we continue to grow in the market, Maya’s strong track record in leading growth businesses and her deep market experience will bolster our efforts in India.”

Nair herself added, “Globally GI Group has rapidly grown in past few years. In India, my focus would be to drive the same thought leadership for an important segment that is Elixir Consulting. I am excited to work with the team to deliver more value to our customers.”

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PwC appoints Padmaja Alaganandan as new Chief People Officer in India

19 April 2019 Consultancy.in

Global professional services firm PwC has appointed a new Chief People Officer (CPO) for its India practice. The firm’s Technology Lead Padmaja Alaganandan, who has been with PwC for a continuous spell of eight years since 2011, will take over from incumbent CPO Jagjit Singh.

Having graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Alaganandan began her professional career at PwC in 2000. She joined Strategy&’s Change Consulting Practice, where she worked for three years and eventually rose to the rank of Principal Consultant before moving to Mercer in 2005.

At Mercer, she began as a Principal Consultant for Human Capital and made her way up to the position of Business Leader for Human Capital at Mercer Consulting. She rejoined PwC in 2011, and has been a Partner at the firm in addition to leading the firm’s Technology and Advisory segments.

PwC appoints Padmaja Alaganandan as new Chief People Officer in India

Her role as CPO at PwC is informed by her previous experience as a Leader of PwC’s People and Organisation Consulting practice. She takes the helm of PwC’s people management activities at a time when talent management and development is increasingly crucial in firms across India.

As firms across the country begin to digitalise, there is not only the demand to foster an environment and spirit of innovation amongst the country’s business environment, but also to equip professionals with the skills required to work in collaboration with machines and technology.

Major professional services firms such as PwC are under particular pressure to live up to these changes, given their role in facilitating the digital transformation of their clients’ organisation, which extends to the development of skills amongst their workforce.

Alaganandan has expressed the importance of fostering an enabling environment within PwC as well, specifying that “:Building a wellbalanced and inclusive workforce is key to our business. She takes over the role of CPO from Jagjit Singh, who has held the position for nearly five years now.