SRKay Consulting expands into North America with new Chicago office

04 May 2018

Two years after its establishment, Mumbai-based investment and technology solutions firm SRKay consulting has begun its international expansion, with the opening of an office in Chicago. The new locale will act as a base for operations across North America. 

Despite being a relatively new firm, SRKay Consulting has quickly picked up on market trends amongst Indian tech consulting firms. The firm was conceived as a private equity firm, with the primary objective of capitalising on the Indian tech startup environment, which has been thriving in recent years.

The intent to dive into this lucrative arena already placed the firm alongside some of the top global tech firms, including Microsoft and Accenture, who are all investing in Indian technology startups. Infosys, a domestic IT giant, has already linked up with a startup to develop a FinTech solution that could impact as many as 800 million people worldwide. 

In order to truly become competitive in the segment, SRKay has begun substantial investment into its consulting practice as well. Alongside investment in startups, the firm offers incubation services wherein it provides technological and strategic consulting support throughout the early stages of business development.

SRKay Consulting expands into North America with new Chicago office

SRKay also works with larger industrial actors to offer tech solutions. Earlier this year, the firm bolstered its consulting arm with the appointment of Sooraj Keswani at the helm of the division. Keswani has a background in law supplemented by an MBA, and is an expert in customer experience management.

Now, the firm has subscribed to another strategy that is gaining momentum amongst domestic IT firms: an increasing emphasis on the US and North American markets. Infosys has been establishing large development centres across the US, while simultaneously ramping up its employment in the region. India’s largest firm by market capitalisation, Tata Consultancy Services, also recently bolstered its US operations through a new contract.

Chicago is the destination of choice for SRKay’s expansion into the US, although the firm plans to leverage this presence to operate across all of the US and the broader region of North America. The firm also has plans to expand into the Nordic region – through the establishment of an R&D outfit in Helsinki – and further plans to enter the UK market, thereby taking on a truly international character.

Commenting on the new Chicago presence, Alok Kumar, Director of SRKAY Consulting said, “The U.S.A. has always been the most favoured destination for any technology company and having a presence there is a natural choice. Our U.S.A. office in Chicago will serve as the node for business development and consulting for all our ventures, generating local jobs and creating more opportunities. As a PE and acceleration company, we will become active in the innovation ecosystem that the US pioneers.”

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WPP leases Mumbai office space, prepares ‘co-location’ campus

09 January 2019

Global agency network WPP has signed a nine-year lease on a nearly 30,000-square-meter office space in Mumbai, according to the Economic Times.

The campus, located near Mumbai airport, will house nearly 30% of WPP’s 20,000 India-based employees by the end of 2019. “The plan is to establish the WPP Mumbai Campus s in line with our global strategy of establishing WPP campuses in key cities. India is a leading growth market for the firm,” said WPP India country manager CVL Srinivas.

The majority of WPP's Mumbai-based subsidiaries, including Group M, IMRB, and O&M, will be housed in the new office space, vacating their current offices at Oberoi Commerz in Goregaon and Lower Parel’s Peninsula. The firm’s other offices in the country are based in among others Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

WPP leases Mumbai office space, prepares ‘co-location’ campus

“To support our local presence, we are developing an exciting new workspace that will help to drive more collaboration and enable our clients to have the best access to our talent and work,” Srinivas said. 

WPP will also sign a similar lease for an office in the northern city of Gurgaon, as part of its “global campus co-location strategy,” which allows the company to consolidate its businesses in cities key to business. WPP also has campus locations in Amsterdam, Madrid, and Milan. A base in the Czech capital city of Prague is set to open in 2021.

The real estate deal was advised on by property consultants from JLL India.